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Loyalty Discount

Program Description


The DHC Loyalty Discount program rewards customers with discounts of up to 10% for making purchases from DHC every six months or less. Click here to see complete Terms and Conditions. Please check back for updates as this program may change from time to time without notice.

Loyalty Discount levels

When a customer makes their first purchase of products from DHC they are automatically classified as Level 2 and will be awarded a 4% discount on their next order within six months. See chart below for Loyalty Discount levels and corresponding discounts.

Level 1 1st purchase of DHC products Save on your next purchase within 6 months
Level 2 2nd purchase of DHC products 4%
Level 3 3rd purchase of DHC products 6%
Level 4 4th purchase of DHC products 8%
Level 5 5th purchase of DHC products 10%

If more than six months pass before your next purchase, you return to Level 1. Qualifying purchases and discounts apply only to orders made through our catalog or website. Purchases of gift certificates or paid catalogs, and purchases made with Rewards Points are not qualifying purchases and do not count towards retaining or advancing your discount level.

You can check your Loyalty Discount level and when it will expire by logging on to your DHC online account. DHC may also send you a reminder in the mail to let you know when your discount level will expire.

Applying discounts

For online orders, any loyalty discount that applies will be deducted before we charge your credit card when your order is processed internally. The order summary page may not reflect the applied Loyalty discount; however, you will see the adjusted total when you receive your shipping confirmation via email and on your final invoice enclosed with your products.