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Rewards Points

Terms and Conditions

  • By purchasing products from DHC, you agree to participation in DHC’s Rewards Points program and the program’s associated terms and conditions.

  • Points are earned on purchases of DHC products made directly from DHC. DHC will determine the rate at which points are earned on each purchase and the rate may change from time to time without notice. The purchase price eligible to earn reward points shall be determined by the product total after reduction for all sales, discounts, adjustments, credits, point redemptions and coupons, including gift certificates that were issued where cash payment for the certificate was less than face value.

  • DHC may from time to time award bonus points based on product purchased, purchase date, referrals, first-time purchase and other programs developed or to be developed. The bonus point awards will be specified for each promotion. Additional terms and restrictions may apply.

  • Taxes, surcharges, shipping and handling fees and other charges associated with the delivery of the merchandise or taxes and fees imposed by any government agency are not eligible for point awards. 

  • Not all merchandise may be eligible for point awards. Unless otherwise stated, purchases of DHC products from sources other than DHC are ineligible for point awards even if that source is an authorized DHC retailer. DHC employee and wholesale purchases do not qualify.

  • The use of another offer, including bonus reward points, during a purchase may disqualify the purchase for participation in the Reward Points program or may cause the purchase to earn points at a reduced rate.

  • Points earned through other DHC promotional programs are also subject to the terms and conditions of that program.

  • Points may be redeemed for product in the DHC Rewards Store. Merchandise points prices are determined solely by DHC and may change from time to time without notice. Gift certificates and special sets are not eligible for purchase in the DHC Rewards Store. Not all merchandise or offers may be available in the DHC Rewards Store or without notice may be available for a limited time or may be available only from time to time. Discounts, sales, coupons and certificates do not apply to Reward Points redemptions. Other promotions may not apply.

  • In order to make a purchase from the DHC Rewards Store you must have an available balance equal to or greater than the point price of item(s) selected. No partial point payment is allowed for a product. Shipping and handling fees may apply. Other fees may apply from time to time without notice. Purchaser is responsible for all taxes, if any, assessed on the transaction.

  • Point orders are not valid until reviewed and accepted by DHC. DHC reserves the right to hold, modify or cancel any point order at its sole discretion. Points have no cash value, are not redeemable for cash, and are non-transferable.

  • Points expire 6 months after they are earned unless another qualifying purchase is made within that time allowed which may be changed from time to time without notice. Expired points may not be reactivated or redeemed. DHC may send email notifications as a courtesy to customers to remind them when points are expiring. Neither failure of DHC to send or customer to receive an email notification, nor delay in sending or receipt of an email notification will extend the expiration of the customer’s points.

  • Return of products purchased with points is subject to DHC’s return policy which may change from time to time. DHC reserves the right to refuse to accept returns of products purchased with points. Point adjustments in connection with the return of products purchased with points will be determined at DHC’s sole discretion.

  • DHC reserves the right to modify or cancel its Rewards Points and/or other loyalty programs at any time without notice. DHC reserves the right to cancel or revoke any account at any time without notice or compensation. Unused points in a customer’s account at the time of cancellation, revocation, or program termination shall be forfeited without compensation. DHC reserves the right to adjust customer point balances for errors, including, without limitation, intentional and/or unintentional typographical errors and errors of omission by customers, DHC or its systems (electronic or otherwise)

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