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  2013: Your best skin yet
Want better, more youthful–looking skin this year? We’ve got 13 expert suggestions to help you improve your complexion. Start now—some of them are even FREE.

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Pore Cleansing Oil, Pore Face Wash
Skincare Savvy
  13 tips for your gorgeous skin
1 Exfoliate regularlyNEW DHC Pore Face Wash makes it easy! Baking soda and pear juice AHAs help skin look smoother. Pore Face Wash
Pore Cleansing Oil, Deep Cleansing Oil Remove ALL your makeup, ALL the timeCleansing oil is the best way to remove your makeup and make all your other skincare products more effective. We offer our original DHC Deep Cleansing Oil—loved by millions for its gentle olive oil-based formula—and now DHC Pore Cleansing Oil. Its nine botanical oils massage dirt, grime and makeup out of your pores, helping them look smaller! 2
3 Share your skincare secrets with a friendSharing is caring, right? Nothing is more beautiful. Get that
“I did something great” glow and share your DHC favorites with a friend.
Núñez de Prado Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cook with olive oilHealthiness radiates from inside out. Cooking with our award-winning DHC Núñez de Prado Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds flavor to nutritious lean proteins and veggies. 4
5 Fake it 'til you make itA little highlighter goes a long way to help your face look sleeker and your skin more luminous. Try DHC Face Color Palette Highlighter. Face Color Palette Highlighter
Salicylic Acne Set Stop Acne once and for allMake 2013 the year you finally say goodbye to breakouts. DHC Salicylic Acne Set uses the maximum-strength allowed of proven acne-fighter salicylic acid to banish blemishes. 6
7 Drink more waterYeah, yeah, we’ve heard the studies that say 8 glasses a day isn’t a hard and fast rule, but we think the better hydrated you are, it shows on your face. Simply put, skin loves water.
White Sunscreen Wear sunscreen dailyIf you do nothing else for your skin this year, wear sunscreen every day.
Remind someone you love to wear sunscreen
8, 9
10 Wipe out dirt from unexpected sourcesChange your pillowcases at least weekly. Swab your mobile phone with rubbing alcohol to kill lingering germs. Clean up your makeup case—see DHC Makeup Maven Heidi’s tips
here. Less dirt, clearer skin.
Q10 Water Mist, Mild Lotion II Try a tonerAh, toner, the most misunderstood of all skincare. Simply put, toner helps your moisturizer work better. Nearly all DHC toners are alcohol-free, so they’re super hydrating. And, we’ve got one specially formulated for every skincare need. Shop them all here. 11
12 Stop touching your faceFingers plus face equals more blemishes. Hands off for a more beautiful complexion.
Smile!No matter what’s going on with your skin, everyone looks 100% better with a smile. Not feeling it? Start smiling anyway and experience a mood lift. (It really works!) 13
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BEAUTY TIP - Milky Hair Wax
Stop frizz now
Fight winter frizzies by making sure your hair is hydrated: DHC Milky Hair Wax holds hair in place for a natural look and helps fight winter’s worst ‘do.
RECIPE - Hearty Bread Bowl Crab Chowder
Soul-warming soup
Warm up this winter with our Hearty Bread Bowl Crab Chowder recipe. Easy to prepare with DHC White Wine Garlic Sauce.
BEAUTY BONUS - Happy Birthday From DHC
They say
it’s your birthday …

Are you turning 29 (again)? Are you 60 and loving it? Regardless of your age, sign in to tell us your birthday and during your birth month we will send you a skincare surprise to keep you looking as young as you feel.
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