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It's like a heat wave Hello,
We know it, you're hot. Don't worry, we've got some cool ideas on how to beat the heat. One: Toss every beauty product you've got into the fridge. Two: When you do head outside, wear sunscreen. We know you've heard it before, but it does matter. And, lucky for you, it's on sale ‘til the end of the month.

Stay cool,
Your friends at DHC
Ice Cream
Beauty at work: DHC staff
Product guru
Aki & Koa Aki Kanematsu
Whenever we have a tough beauty question, we ask our resident expert, Aki Kanematsu, 36, DHC Product Localization Specialist. This licensed esthetician is obsessed with ingredients, both in and outside of the office. She enjoys browsing farmers' markets and natural grocery stores. "I can stay there all day looking at all kinds of attractive products—and reading ingredients on the labels … I can't help it!"

Aki has been a fan of Olive Virgin Oil since she was a college student in Japan. Now it's a favorite of her husband and her son, Koa, too. "Our whole family loves this product," she says. She also adores Lip Cream. "I honestly think it is one of the best lip balms ever. I appreciate the natural, dewy shine it leaves on my lips especially because I do not wear lipstick."
World "class" in BostonBoston, one of the nation's great college towns—one in five residents is a student—will be bustling as classes are back in session this fall. We put on our thinking caps to present our recommendations for the best places to expand your knowledge while in this great American city.

1: Brush up on your Botany when you take in The Arnold Arboretum for an oasis of calm and an incredible array of trees, including a historical bonsai collection. Boston
2: For Music Appreciation 101, score tickets to the superb Boston Symphony Orchestra at the breathtaking Symphony Hall.
3: Don't know much about Astronomy? Visit the Boston Museum of Science and the Charles Hayden Planetarium to take in the stars and learn something new.
4: Impress a date with your knowledge of Contemporary Art—for free—by checking out the SoWa First Fridays Open Studios at the SoWa Artists Guild. This artist community has more than 50 studios, so grab an early dinner and get your art on from 5 to 9 p.m. In the Seaport District, The Institute of Contemporary Art is free every Thursday night from 5 to 9 p.m. and it's worth checking out for the architecture alone. The glass galleries hover over the harbor for seamless views of the waterfront.
5: Get a taste of History by traveling to Essex to order a traditional New England lobster roll from Woodman's, serving seafood since 1914. Pizza more your style? You can't miss Regina Pizzeria in the city's North End. Bostonians say it's "seriously the best pizza that will ever grace your taste buds." Order a pitcher of Sam Adams and a Large Cheese.
Recently on Facebook we asked, "What's your beauty advice for those heading off to college this month?"
Katherine Head: Be true to yourself. Liz Stark: bring your DHC deep cleansing oil to school! Sherlyn Sam Fischer: take off your make-up before bed - no matter how tired you are!@
Facebook Which city should we feature next and why?
Customer Spotlight: Extra
Katie Horng, 30. San Francisco, California. DHC Customer since 2007.Need a traveling tip? Take some from Katie Horng: She counts Jordan and Buenos Aires among her favorite destinations. Discover her favorite DHC products to-go—online only.

In Buenos Aires, Katie took time off from work to do something for herself. She lived with a local family and learned Argentine tango.
Katie Horng
How is Argentine tango different from other tango styles?
In most partner dances, the woman simply follows the man's lead. In Argentine tango, there are specific steps where the woman gets to make a choice about when and how the dance moves forward.
"In Argentine tango, you have much more of an opportunity to show your personality or to surprise or amuse your partner."What advice would you give to beginners?
If someone were interested in learning to tango, I'd say go for it! Going to Buenos Aires is probably a bit extreme for most, but there are great dance studios that teach lessons in San Francisco and even places that have live music on weekend evenings. Tango is becoming a lot more popular so there are plenty of choices.
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Beauty Tip
Summer splash
When temps climb, you need a light, refreshing moisturizer. For added exhilaration, "Stash your Water Base Moisture in the fridge for a cool way to stay hydrated!" says Michelle, a DHC Beauty Consultant.
Quinoa Cobbler
Add a surprise to your summer cobbler with quinoa: We show you how with this grain-filled delicious dessert.

PLUS: Three great ways to indulge in summer's fruit
1. Grill: Peaches and cantaloupe slices become caramelized after a few minutes on the barbecue.
2. Freeze: Puree watermelon and pour into freezer pop molds for an icy sweet treat.
3. Drink: Slip a slice of white nectarine into a stem of chilled prosecco. "The fruit's perfume infuses the wine and the nectarine tastes so good at the end!" says San Francisco-based food stylist Susan DeVaty.
How do you cool off?
The pool wins: 56% of you would rather cool off by splashing in a swimming pool. Keep chlorine-damaged hair at bay with our deep conditioning Rich & Moisturizing Treatment. Swim in the deep end, not with split ends!
Beauty Bonus
They say
it's your birthday …

Are you turning 29 (again)? Are you 60 and loving it? Regardless of your age, sign in to tell us your birthday and during your birth month we will send you a skincare surprise to keep you looking as young as you feel.