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It's not just panda food. Did you know that this versatile grass, alleged to have 1,000 uses, is beneficial to cultures around the globe?

From chopsticks to bridges
We're accustomed to seeing it in gardens and enjoying it as a tasty shoot in stir-fries, but bamboo is also used to build homes, furniture, and bridges and can be made into a vast range of products—from chopsticks, paper, floors, and fuel to musical instruments and art. In fact, Thomas Edison used bamboo as the filament for his first electric light bulb.

Ecological sustainability
With its vast number of applications, bamboo is a boon to our global village, and its growth rate (one variety can grow a shocking three feet in one day) ensures a renewable supply. Because bamboo is used as an alternative to wood, it helps prevent deforestation and the devastation of rain forests. This regenerative plant enables rural communities in Asia to maintain their local economies in an ecologically sustainable way—a true living wage.

As luck would have it
Not only good for the environment, bamboo may also benefit you personally. Bamboo is a sacred plant in Asia, symbolizing good luck. It's used in spiritual festivals and celebrations and is displayed in temples, in shrines, and on family altars.

Why not let your skin profit from the nutrient- and mineral-rich Sasa veitchii, an extract of the bamboo plant, found in DHC Concentrated Eye Cream?* Nourish and brighten tired eyes with this rejuvenating cream. Ginseng and rosemary provide stimulation; antioxidants vitamin E and olive oil offer anti-aging action.

Concentrated Eye Cream
0.7 oz. Net wt.
$28.00  reg. $35.00

*You’ll also find bamboo extract in DHC Imperial Green Tea Shower Gel.