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The regal peony is a beloved symbol in China. Legend has it that one wintry day long ago, the Empress Wu ordered the flowers in her imperial garden to blossom overnight. They all abided by her wishes except the peony, which become known as the "flower with the backbone." To this day, these posies are no petal pushovers—they cannot be forced to bloom—and their growing season is short and sweet.

But the highly esteemed peony is more than just a defiant flower; it is also used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed to nourish the blood and promote circulation. This flower has some serious skincare power, too. Today, we use peony root in DHC products because the antioxidant-rich extract acts as both a conditioning agent and a brightener and helps skin that has been compromised by UV rays and free radicals. You can enjoy the revitalizing properties of the peony* (Paeonia albiflora) in our refreshing Cleansing Foam. Its clarifying, creamy lather washes away dirt without overdrying, making it gentle enough to use every day—even for multiple face washings.

*You¹ll also find Paeonia suffruticosa in many of our other skincare products.


Cleansing Foam
2.1 oz. Net wt.