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green tea

Green tea’s health and beauty benefits are worth celebrating.

From oolong to black and beyond, Japan is a tea drinker’s paradise where tea is consumed all day and every day. It is here that a formal tea ceremony evolved and was elevated to an art form. In a Japanese tea ceremony, every act, from brewing to sipping, is carefully and artfully executed. Tradition also dictates that only one tea be used: green tea. As it turns out, few other teas are as deserving of such pomp and circumstance. Not only is green tea a fragrant, comforting drink, experts say that it may also have powerful health benefits that surpass those of other varieties.

Dozens of studies point to the potent antioxidant properties of tea, but green tea beats black and oolong teas in polyphenol content—the active ingredient that is said to possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies have shown that these polyphenols may help prevent UV-induced immune suppression and even skin cancer stimulation. While more research is under way to determine the true powers of green tea, one thing is clear: making it part of our daily rituals may be more valuable than we ever imagined.

Look for green tea seed extract* (Camellia oleifera seed extract) in DHC products such as Toning Body Tonic. This cool gel helps contour your body for a smoother, sleeker silhouette by minimizing the appearance of dimpling with a stimulating blend of astringent botanicals, including gingko and bitter orange peel extract. Green tea seed extract tops it off with antioxidant power.

* You’ll find it in Micro Skin Water and Imperial Green Tea Shower Gel, too.

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