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Vitamin E

Fight free radicals to protect cell life and slow the aging process

Antioxidant power
Found in nuts, olives, wheat germ, and more, vitamin E is celebrated for its potent antioxidant effects. Antioxidants protect cell membranes and tissues by neutralizing free radicals—damaging molecules produced by chemicals, pollution, and other environmental factors. Ongoing research is investigating the role vitamin E may play in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and degenerative age-related illnesses.

First line of defense
As the first line of defense for the body, skin is especially vulnerable to various chemicals and pollutants that cause adverse effects on the texture, elasticity, and overall appearance of the epidermis. Studies of topical vitamin E suggest a wide variety of rejuvenating benefits—particularly for mature, dry, or sun-damaged skin.

Rejuvenation and renewal
Specially formulated to take advantage of the restorative properties of vitamin E, DHC Tocophero E Cream employs a natural form of this powerful antioxidant. Nutrient-rich, soothing, hydrating, and therapeutic—make this deep penetrating cream a fundamental part of your daily skin regimen.

Tocophero E Cream

Tocophero E Cream
1.3 oz. Net wt.