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Eat your greens! Watercress—rumored to be one of the first leafy greens consumed by humans—is very good for you. Ancient Persian and Greek soldiers believed it improved their health, and this member of the mustard family does indeed boast significant amounts of iron, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin C. It has also been studied as a medicinal herb in the treatment of scurvy, tuberculosis, and cancer. All this from a plant that often grows wild in freshwater ponds and streams.

Perhaps watercress’s love of water contributes to its excellent moisturizing abilities. The extract of this nutrient-rich plant seals in hydration to help condition and strengthen. You’ll find this nurturing ingredient in DHC Eyelash Tonic. This popular treatment helps your lashes achieve a lusher look. Use it before mascara to leave your lashes feeling nourished and at night for extra conditioning power. Revel in the fortifying beauty benefits of this ancient herb.

Eyelash Tonic
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