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Willow Willow
Willow trees and shrubs are a familiar, prevalent sight throughout North America, and boast approximately 350 species worldwide. But its evolution to cosmetic ingredient stems largely from the medicinal properties of its bark. Salicin is an extract of willow bark, first mentioned in ancient texts and later developed by 19th century scientists into what is known as modern-day aspirin.

Its similarities to aspirin's anti-inflammatory powers are the reason you'll find Salix alba bark extract featured in DHC Q10 Milk and DHC Q10 Water Mist. These age-defying toners work as an astringent to soothe the skin, helping to cool and tone your complexion. You'll love the revitalizing effect of willow bark extract so much, it just might inspire you to hug a tree.

Q10 Milk

Sorry, 640 is currently unavailable.


Q10 Water Mist
5 fl. oz.