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Bonnie Green

Bonnie Green

I enjoy being outside, hiking in forests and around the family ranch, gardening and swimming, and having fun with our pets. This past year, I started tap-dancing again, something I had not done in years. It's fun and great exercise, too. I hope I'm tapping at 90! I also enjoy creating decorations for our church, scrapbooking, and creative writing.

I'm a creative person in general, which always comes as a real surprise to people when they learn I'm an attorney. Also, I'm a great party planner.

I admire my father's mother, Beatrice Eleanor Scott Stevenson, who at 93 stands out as an example of a person who enjoys her life and looks forward to each day. She has traveled all over the world, including South Korea, China, and the Virgin Islands. She always has a positive attitude and a genuine love for all people, and is concerned for those less fortunate.

I am blessed with a beautiful (inside and out) five-year-old daughter, Lane. My daughter has taught me a lesson that most of us innately know as children, but forget as adults amid our deadlines, bills, and meetings. She taught me that the ordinary can be extraordinary if we just take the time to appreciate itthe beauty of a flower, the fuzz of a caterpillar, and the feel of grass under bare feet.

Nothing cuts through the grime as gently and effectively as Deep Cleansing Oil. As much as I use it, I'm always impressed by how long it lasts! Acerola Gel is a wonderful product for my freckled combination skin. It helps even out my skin tone without shine. I also love Emollient Balm and Alpha-Arbutin White Milk. Both are soothing, and Alpha-Arbutin White Milk gives me an extra boost of brightening. Concentrated Eye Cream is superb. It absorbs quickly, comes in a very generous size, and produces results! I also can't say enough about your Velvet Skin Coat. Wow, what a difference it makes with my makeup application! I can't bear to apply makeup without it.


Before I began using your products, I had resigned myself to the fact that with my super-sensitive skin, I'd never be able to use anything other than a basic moisturizer. My experiences with many other products resulted in my face getting fried, turning red, or breaking out. This was not the case with DHC, however. When I placed my order, I asked your customer representative where the "sensitive skin" section was. She informed me that a lot of DHC's products were appropriate for sensitive skin. I was skeptical, but excited—so many choices! I haven't been disappointed in the least! I think my skin looks great considering that as a Florida native, I have always spent as much time as possible outdoors—plus I used to be a lifeguard. I give DHC all the credit for my skin's rejuvenation. Thanks, DHC!


Emollient Balm
3.3 fl. oz.
Alpha-Arbutin White Milk 
Alpha-Arbutin White Milk
2.7 fl. oz.
Concentrated Eye Cream 
Concentrated Eye Cream
0.7 oz. Net wt.
$28.00  reg. $35.00
Velvet Skin Coat 
Velvet Skin Coat®
0.52 oz. Net wt.
Bonnie Green

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