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Cyd Szymanski
Englewood, Colorado
customer since 1998

Cyd Szymanski

Cyd Szymanski

Cyd Szymanski

Founder and owner, Nest Fresh Eggs; chicken farmer.

1. To instill “small town values” in my daughter, AnnaBelle, no matter where we live. I want her to respect other people and their property, to be compassionate and tolerant of people’s differences, and to be curious about the world around her and beyond.
2. To continue to keep my business and myself healthy. Sometimes these seem mutually exclusive, but soon after starting the business I found out the hard way that keeping a balance is important.
3. To start the dual doctoral program at Denver University in Comparative Religions and Culture.

I love to read all kinds of material: nonfiction, fiction, periodicals, poetry, and news and business magazines. Learning is how I relax. I’m trying to garden more, and we take lots of long walks as a family. My husband, Steve, owns his own business, too, so we spend a lot of time talking business. That might sound stressful, but we are really energized by sharing our ideas
with each other. Travel is another favorite, but with two businesses and a preschooler, that’s been a lower priority.

My aunt May Belle Osborne has been my hero for as long as I can remember. When I was a young girl in the Ozarks, I was dazzled by her glamour as she modeled for Vogue and other fashion magazines. She was a rebel. When relatives would tell me in exasperation that I was “... just like your Aunt May Belle” I was flattered. But a devastating illness, rheumatoid arthritis, completely disabled her in her early 30s, and she moved back to southwest Missouri. Always an iconoclast and intelligent thinker, she married a man ten years her junior, and they opened their Ozark home to all kinds of people and ideas. She was an artist until her hands could no longer hold the materials. She farmed organically until she could no longer stand. Never acceding to authority, May Belle has always challenged “the way things are” in a big picture way while accepting “the way things are” with her illness. She’s had most of her joints replaced or fused, and had back surgery and breast cancer. With little bitterness, she sees the irony in the fact that the body that once made her the envy of others is the same body that now makes others look away. May Belle, just over 60 now, is still smart and beautiful. Even with her disabilities, she has always taken care of her skin and put on her makeup. She’s proud. She’s still a rebel and a thinker. She reminds me of where real beauty comes from.

It is not right that I should have clogged pores and wrinkles at the same time!

Deep Cleansing Oil, Soothing Lotion, and Facial Scrub.

Cyd Szymanski

Cyd Szymanski

Deep Cleansing Oil®
Various Sizes
Various Prices
Soothing Lotion
Soothing Lotion
6 fl. oz.
Facial Scrub
Facial Scrub
3.5 oz. Net wt.


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