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7 WAYS TO SUCCEED at your goals
3 Lose weight
Losing weight is a multifaceted goal. But one small thing that you can do to shave calories off your day is to plan what you will eat, and bringing your lunch is a step in the right direction. Take a few minutes—away from your desk and other distractions—and enjoy a simple, delightful meal that you've brought from home. Try our new canned salads from France for a gourmet lunch.
Three Beans with Sweetcorn
Three Beans with Sweetcorn
6.2 oz. Net wt.
Save more
4 Save more
One way to save? Stock up on your favorites when there's a sale. We have new sales every month, so check back often!
6 Get organized
According to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), organized people save time and money and reduce stress and frustration. It's helpful to review your skincare routine every season and discard expired or obsolete products. NAPO says there is not a "cookie cutter" approach to organizing, however: Your solution will be unique.

Is this your resolution? For help getting organized, contact NAPO at
7 Love your skin
Softer skin is key for looking your best. Drink more water to hydrate from the inside out. Plus, keep your complexion dewy fresh with Olive Virgin Oil.
Olive Virgin Oil
Various Sizes
Various Prices
Olive Virgin Oil
1 Wear sunscreen every day
You wouldn't go a day without brushing your teeth, would you? Why go a day without sunscreen? Applying UV protection daily, regardless of the weather, helps protect you from damaging rays that cause sun damage, wrinkles and even cancer. Making sunscreen part of your routine makes it easier to remember—think of it as a primer, one step between moisturizer and makeup.
White Sunscreen, Body Sunscreen Milk SPF 30+
White Sunscreen
1 fl. oz.

Sorry, 3122 is currently unavailable.

2 Quit smoking
Need some additional motivation to stamp out cigarettes once and for all? Quitting smoking leads to improved circulation so your skin receives more oxygen and nutrients, to help you develop a better complexion.

Need more help? The National Cancer Institute offers a free "Quitline" with resources to quit smoking: 800.44U.QUIT
Donna Phelan with daughter, Monica, DHC Customers since 2008
5 Spend more time with family
Many of our customers count their mothers or grandmothers as personal beauty icons. Moms: Organize "beauty days" to start your daughters on great skincare habits. They'll appreciate it down the road.
Love your skin