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Skin deeper
Still searching for luminosity? Here are some DHC products to help you revel
in your radiance.

Some of us look back on pictures of our childhood and notice that the rosy glow we had years ago is gone. When were young, new skin cells replace dead ones every 28 days. Unfortunately, that renewal process tends to slow as we age, allowing cells to accumulate and skin to look dull. Long-term luminosity can be elusiveexcept for those few that the genetic gods have smiled uponso its important to start good habits early. You need to make a long-term investment to empower your skin to look its best every day and maintain its vibrancy throughout the years. Thats why its vital for all ages to incorporate antioxidant, age-defying treatments into their skincare routines to combat wrinkle-inducing free radical damage. Dreaming of complexion perfection? Here are some products to start you on the road to renewal.

Antiox C

Vitamins C + E = Antioxidant power
Vitamin C and vitamin E are believed to work together synergistically to help prevent more oxidative damage collectively than they do alone. You can find these potent brightening antioxidants in DHC Antiox C. Plus, thanks to olive oil and squalane (derived from olive pits), youll also get extra conditioning oomph.

Antiox C
1.4 oz. Net wt.

 Wrinkle-fighting super serum
DHC Wrinkle Essence is a super serum that thwarts wrinkles using trehalose, a potent moisture-binder found in desert plants. What makes trehalose so special? It forms a protective coating around the plant cells to keep them from deteriorating, allowing them to survive extreme heat and drought. We believe this precious ingredient has restorative effects upon your skin as well. Get ready to up the ante on anti-aging.


Wrinkle Essence
0.67 fl. oz.

Wrinkle Essence