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A Sonnet to Spring Cleaning
Each spring begins with the rite of clean
For home and for face we now start anew
Some cleansers can be so harsh and so mean
Yet Deep Cleansing Oil & Mild Soap feel like dew

Start with Deep Cleansing Oil, our bestseller
Olive oil stars in its rare formula
Millions agree that there's nothing better
Takes off even waterproof mascara

Continue with a sweet dose of mildness
Mild Soap lathers piles of intense bubbles
Rich creamy foam treats your face with kindness
Olive oil and honey ease your troubles

This stellar oil and gentle beauty bar
Radiate clean others see from afar
Deep Cleansing Oil
Deep Cleansing Oil®
Various Sizes
Various Prices
Mild Soap
Mild Soap
Various Sizes
Various Prices