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Dehydration’s damage
Not only can dehydration cause dullness and flakiness, but it can also exacerbate blemishes and magnify fine lines. If left unchecked, this dryness can cause serious cracking and damage to your most protective layer.

Nurture your natural moisture factors
For stronger skin that appears smoother and looks healthier, support your natural moisture factors (NMFs), the components of the epidermis that prevent evaporation and keep the surface strong and supple.

Hydrate and nourish to protect. Choose soaps that don’t strip, hydrating boosters and lipid-rich creams to help your skin look stronger and younger.

Wrinkle Essence
Wrinkle Essence
0.67 fl. oz.
Olive Soap
Olive Soap
Various Sizes
Various Prices
Tocophero E Cream
Tocophero E Cream
1.3 oz. Net wt.
DHC Olive Soap DHC Wrinkle Essence DHC Tocophero E Cream
texture Lush foam Silky serum Ultra-rich cream
moisturize Cleanse without stripping NMFs Sodium hyaluronate attracts up to 1,000 times its weight in water Non-irritating sodium PCA, emollient olive oil and humectant trehalose help save moisture
Fortify Fight free radical damage with olive leaf extract, rich in coenzyme Q10 Soybean extract and elastin help improve firmness Vitamin E strengthens and smooths
You Love “It hydrates and cleans without stripping natural oils from the facial skin.”
Marth on
“So I have furrows on my brow. I bought the product not expecting them to disappear but be a little less noticeable. They were A LOT less noticeable!”
HK on
“I use this cream whenever my skin
is a little fragile from environmental
stresses. It helps my skin recover and
helps it to be more supple.”

trailrocketgirl on