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Worried about wrinkles?
Don’t bat an eye, we’ve got your smooth-skin solutions.

Why do we wrinkle?
Beneath the epidermis, our dermis is a layer of collagen fibers that give our skin firmness and elasticity. Free radicals from both within the body and the external environment each play a role in breaking down this network of collagen, which causes the skin to fold in on itself and cause wrinkles. Our Beauty Consultants answer your tough questions.

What’s my No. 1 defense against wrinkles?
“Wear sunscreen every day,” says Allison Clark, licensed esthetician. An independent study in Australia confirmed that daily sunscreen use can help prevent wrinkles.

White Sunscreen
1 fl. oz.

DHC White Sunscreen
DHC Skin Softener How can my toner fight wrinkles?
“Dehydrated skin emphasizes the look of wrinkles, and skin that’s lacking moisture is more susceptible to environmental damage,” says Barbara Atticks, licensed esthetician. “Hydrating toners are a great way to deliver another layer of nourishing ingredients to skin’s surface and boost the absorption of your moisturizer.”

Ultra-hydrating DHC Skin Softener. Perfect for mature or very dry skin, this toner nourishes with beneficial aloe and coltsfoot botanicals as well as moisture magnet trehalose.

Skin Softener
3.3 fl. oz.

DHC Renewing AHA Cream I’ve heard that alphahydroxy acids can fight wrinkles. How?
“Alphahydroxy acids work on the surface of the epidermis to help dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells and slough away the rough, dull, outer layer,” says Cindy Beadle, licensed esthetician. “This exfoliation allows newer, younger and more radiant-looking cells to show, minimizing the look of wrinkles.”

Intensely effective DHC Renewing AHA Cream. This moisturizer sweeps away dullness overnight with lactic acid.

Renewing AHA Cream
1.5 fl. oz.

DHC Eye Treatment Essence What can I do about the wrinkles around my eyes?
“Target the fine lines and crow’s feet that pop up here—and that progress to deep wrinkles—with an eye treatment that’s effective, yet gentle,” says Dena Yankosky, licensed esthetician. Look for hydrating ingredients as well as peptides and antioxidants.

The elegant serum formula of DHC’s Eye Treatment Essence Peptides. It goes on smoothly and contains Matrixyl® 3000 peptides with messenger molecules to fight the look of wrinkles.