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Climate change
Winter can do a real number on your skin. Luckily, our products allow your complexion to not only survive—but thrive. Some people enjoy the colder weather and the exciting buildup to the holiday season, whereas others are left shivering in fright at the havoc that frigid temperatures, wind, and indoor heating can wreak on skin. But a dry, itchy, irritated face doesn’t have to be your fate. Swap out a few products this season and restore some sanity to the state of your skin.

Apricot seed exfoliator

If you haven’t been properly exfoliating, your skin may not reflect light and can look dull and pasty. Use DHC Facial Scrub and help smooth rough, scaly patches with its gently rounded apricot seed beads.

Facial Scrub
3.5 oz. Net wt.


Moisture-retaining toner

DHC Soothing Lotion is an excellent toner that calms and softens your complexion with serine, an amino acid that helps your skin defend precious moisture.

Soothing Lotion
6 fl. oz.


Nutritive vitamin E cream

When nutrient-rich conditioning is what you need, dehydrated complexions love to lock in moisture with vitamin E–infused DHC Tocophero E Cream.

Tocophero E Cream
1.3 oz. Net wt.


Help soothe dry, irritated skin

Rich and creamy DHC Ceramide Cream uses the power of soy and wheat to help soothe and soften your skin and is an excellent choice for dehydrated, sensitive complexions.

Ceramide Cream
1.4 oz. Net wt.


Help plump fine lines around eyes

Rejoice in humectant-laden DHC Concentrated Eye Cream and moisturize dehydrated skin to help improve elasticity and diminish the appearance of dark circles in the vulnerable, wrinkle-prone eye area.

Concentrated Eye Cream
0.7 oz. Net wt.
$28.00  reg. $35.00