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Want to know the true meaning of joy? Relieve your ultra-dry skin with the antioxidant power of vitamin E.

Cooler weather does more than just give you a chill; it also has a destructive effect on your skin. Your body responds to the cold by constricting blood vessels, which decreases the amount of blood that flows to your skin, causing dry, rough patches. Frigid air is moisture-depleting air, and if there's a wind chill factor (driving down skin temperature even further), your skin loses even more critical natural oils and hydration. The result is a diminished protective barrier and a breakdown of healthy skin function. The effect on your skin? Flakiness, loss of elasticity, irritation, redness, chapping, and even cracking.

Fortunately, we have DHC Tocophero E Cream to come to your skin's rescue. This intensive moisturizer restores your faith in satiny-soft skin with a powerful dose of nourishing vitamin E, a mega-moisturizer that has been shown to help skin resist moisture loss while fighting the signs of aging. DHC uses natural vitamin E—which absorbs better into skin than it's synthetic counterpart—for deep-penetrating hydration.

Blended with an abundance of other beneficial botanical nutrients, including olive oil, aloe, and squalane, this heavyweight cream bonds with your skin's natural oil to help maintain the protective barrier and keep irritants out. Say bye-bye to skin that's rough, scaly, and dry.

Tocophero E Cream
1.3 oz. Net wt.