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 Q10 Eye Cream, Q10 Mask
Mask crusader
Introducing new rejuvenating Q10 Mask, featuring a high concentration of firming coenzyme Q10 combined with moisturizing stars polyglutamic acid and hyaluronic acid to help plump and smooth your complexion. When you place this sheet mask over your skin, you create a seal that allows all the amazing ingredients to penetrate. Beneficial botanicals include aloe to help promote cell turnover; olive leaf extract for aiding environmentally stressed skin; and rosewater, which helps tighten skin and imparts a light relaxing scent.

 Q10 Eye Cream, Q10 Mask

Use this mask 1–2 times a week or more, as desired. Sheet masks are extremely gentle and won't overburden your skin, so you can use them every day. They are particularly beneficial as the weather turns warmer and UV rays become stronger.

Seeing is believing
Eyes are the first area to show signs of aging because of the thinner skin and a lack of oil glands. That's why it's so important to impede the onslaught of fine lines and slackening skin with Q10 Eye Cream. This intensive cream not only contains revitalizing coenzyme Q10, but also employs 10 other amazing aids, including vitamin E, olive oil, kudzu, and alpha-arbutin. These specially formulated ingredients deter the visible signs of aging and can help you regain your radiance. Gently apply the eye cream beginning at the inner corner, then go underneath your eyes toward the outer corner. If you are concerned about fine lines, gently stretch apart the lines with one hand and apply the eye cream with the fourth finger of your other hand by gently tapping onto the area.

Q10 Mask

DHC Q10 Eye Cream

 What it is An ultra-nourishing eye treatment.
 What it does Help revive elasticity in the eye area.
 Why it's different Utilizes firming coenzyme Q10
in combination with 10 other beneficial ingredients.

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DHC Q10 Mask

 What it is A sheet mask infused with coenzyme Q10 and botanicals.
 What it does Helps you achieve plumper, more vibrant-looking skin.
 Why it's different Creates a seal, which allows for better penetration.

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