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Dinarae Squatriglia
Dinarae Squatriglia
age 36
Rocky Point, New York
Customer since 1999

Full-time student, part-time administrative assistant for the family business, part-time fitness instructor.

Favorite Escape
The beach. The enormity of the ocean just soothes my soul.

Top Three Goals Right Now
1. To spend more quality time with my husband
and two children.
2. To run the NYC Marathon (again!) this November.
3. To complete my degree in health and physical education.

Biggest Challenge of the Week
Balancing out the madness of my energy with the tranquility of being still. I believe that my boundless energy is a gift and finding balance to this kinetic state is my greatest challenge.

Charities or causes you support
American Heart Association, Women's Sports Foundation

Practicing yoga, participating in running and cycling endurance events, camping

What Has Kept Me a Loyal DHC Customer
In a word: RESULTS!

Biggest Skincare Concerns
Since I tend to have dry skin, my priorities are keeping my face well moisturized and keeping the texture of my skin smooth.

Favorite DHC products
I love Mild Soap’s ease of use, and my skin never feels tight or dry after using it. I use Renewing AHA Cream 2–3 times a week. It makes my skin feel rejuvenated and look radiant! In the summer I use Olive Virgin Oil during the day to moisturize. Because my skin tends to be dry, in the winter I add a few drops to my moisturizer and it really gives it a boost! I call it my magic elixir. Eye Wrinkle Stick soothes and plumps up the delicate skin around my eyes and allows my concealer to go on effortlessly. The simple design of the tube is ingenious. Pacific Rim Salt Scrub’s smell alone is heavenly and what it does for exfoliating knees and elbows, along with everything in between, is incredible.

Simple Pleasures
Cartwheel contests on soft grass with my daughter; reading to my son our favorite book, A Cricket in Times Square; lacing up my sneakers and going out for a run without any destination or time constraints; being kooky, silly, and laughing out loud!

Dinarae Squatriglia

Dinarae Squatriglia

Renewing AHA Cream
1.5 fl. oz.

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Mild Soap
Various Sizes
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Dinarae Squatriglia

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