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Eve Brody

Eve Brody

Clinical Psychologist

To experience great intimacy on a daily basis. I am touched when someone allows me into their inner world; I experience that trust as a gift and handle it with great care. The simple act of one human being opening up to another feels profound and inspiring to me. Each day, I am taught about the resilience of the human spirit and the desire and passion for living a better life that resides within each one of us.

Recently, I have learned to make jewelry. I work with both beads and gemstones. Being a lover of the beach, I collect shells and stones from all over the world and incorporate them into my jewelry. I make pieces for family, friends, and myself, and I never make the same thing twice.

DHC products make my skin feel clean, pure, and happy, and the reasonable prices make me feel smart. I have used some of the world's "finest" and most expensive skincare products and have learned that you don't necessarily get what you pay for. The quality of DHC products matches or exceeds that of products priced three or four times as much, and it feels good to have found such superior products. I have learned that skin, like human beings, thrives on change and stimulation. I don't like eating the same foods every day—I enjoy variety, and my skin does, too.

First and forever is Olive Leaf Milk—my search for the perfect moisturizer for my skin has ended! A sample of this little miracle worker was enclosed in the first DHC catalog I ever received, and there has been no turning back. It is light yet extremely effective, super-hydrating without being at all heavy. It has become one of the basics of my skincare regimen. Each day, depending on what I sense my skin is wanting, I apply different combinations of the following prior to moisturizing: Botanical Plakoenta, Vitamin C Essence, Extra Concentrate, Seaweed Concentrate, Royal Jelly Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Acerola 100, and Acerola Gel. I allow each layer to absorb before adding the next, then I apply moisturizer to seal it in. My skin stays hydrated, toned, and supple all day.

Another strategy I employ is daily masking. Again, my skin responds well to a change of mask from day to day. I like Alpha-Arbutin White Mask, Moisture Pack, Retino A Pack, Mineral Mask, and Firming Kelp Facial Mask. And last, but not least, the Head Shampoo and Head Conditioner are terrific. They're mild, super-effective, and great for my kids, too.


Olive Leaf Milk 
Olive Leaf Milk
2.7 fl.oz.
Extra Concentrate 
Extra Concentrate
0.2 fl. oz. x 5

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Eve Brody

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