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Skincare info
Patricia Tate "Feeling beautiful in my own skin means being comfortable and content with myself, knowing who I am."Patricia's DHC skincare regimen. Skin type: normal/combination.

Favorite DHC product
It really is difficult to pinpoint a favorite; I am that passionate about all the DHC products that I use.

Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes
Prior to being introduced to Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes, I tried other products for under-eye puffiness, but they didn't work. These truly do; my search ended with the strips.

Body Sunscreen Milk SPF 30+
While vacationing in the tropics, I use Body Sunscreen Milk SPF 30+. It works, no sunburn.

Light & Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner
The shampoo and conditioner leave my hair soft, shiny and smelling wonderful.

Customer spotlight. Patricia Tate, 63. Newark, New Jersey. DHC Customer since 1999.
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When this stylish assistant to the chief medical officer of a New Jersey health center told us that she loves jazz music, we envisioned her relaxing at a club, listening to her favorites. She riffs for us on her passion for jazz, her family, her new puppy and her beauty icons.

Interests and hobbies
I'm currently enjoying caring for my Havanese puppy, Master Yin-Zell—he's black and white, so "Yin" like yin and yang, and he's very zealous, hence the "Zell."

Healthy habits
I sleep a minimum of eight hours nightly, I am conscious of what I eat, I drink plenty of water throughout the day and evening, and I take the stairs instead of using elevators whenever possible.

Happiest when …
I'm helping others, observing my grandchildren's development and accomplishments, and seeing the parental guidance demonstrated by my children to their children. I'm also happiest when I'm on vacation, with the sun kissing my body, sand between my toes and swimming in the ocean.

Favorite movie
Baby Boom reflects my generation, the story line is great and I love any movie starring Diane Keaton. Whenever I need a spirit-lifter, I pop it in.

Jazz love
My husband introduced me to jazz when we first met—I was strictly into rock at that time. Now, I frequently see my favorite artists at neighboring clubs and other venues in New Jersey and New York.

Beauty icons
Halle Berry and Vanessa Williams.

Beauty advice
Never squint in the sun, and stay hydrated.

Keep reading for a funny story about Patricia's pup, Master Yin-Zell

Healthcare industry health tips
Be sure to wash your hands regularly, cough into your bent elbow, and research and know your family's medical history, e.g., history of diabetes, asthma, hypertension, mental illness, and so on.

Funny puppy story
Recently, I had a friend build a Dutch door in the kitchen so that while I'm at work, Yin can have full run of the room. The door is about 34" tall and Master Yin-Zell is about 9" tall—within just two weeks of installation, the dog has managed to jump over the door!

Love my DHC favorites because
My favorite products not only leave my skin soft, smooth and glowing, but I am assured each and every time of the same results. I have never worried about irritation from any DHC products. I have no wrinkles or crows feet at 63 years old. Folks are amazed when I tell them that I have a 44 year old daughter and 39 year old son. I have been using DHC products for a number of years—could it be?

What makes DHC different
It's reliable. I never fear an adverse reaction from any product that I've tried for the first time or use regularly. And, it works.

DHC makes me feel …

Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes
Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes
6 applications
Body Sunscreen Milk SPF 30+

Sorry, 3122 is currently unavailable.

Light & Smooth Shampoo
Light & Smooth Shampoo
18.5 fl. oz
Light & Smooth Conditioner
Light & Smooth Conditioner
18.5 fl. oz

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