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I noticed a lot of product buildup in my hair. What can you suggest?

It is not uncommon to notice unwanted buildup if you apply styling products to your hair each day. For deeper cleansing, we recommend massaging nourishing DHC Head Oil into your dry scalp before you shampoo and condition your hair. It helps dissolve the dirt and residue to leave your hair looking healthier.


After I blow-dry my hair, it looks sleek and polished, but by the time I arrive at work it’s a different story. How can I avoid frizz?

What you need is a silicone-based serum like DHC After Bath Hair Treatment Oil. Apply it to wet or dry hair to help prolong the effects of your morning blow-dry and add beautiful shine to your locks. Want another option? Conditioning DHC Hair Brushing Foam nurtures damaged hair and helps tame split ends and frizzies with virgin olive oil and olive leaf extract.


What's the difference between After Bath Hair Treatment Emulsion and After Bath Hair Treatment Oil?

DHC After Bath Hair Treatment Emulsion, which contains botanical extracts such as sandalwood and barley, helps fight visible damage caused by hair dryers and color processes, including split ends and brittleness. It also helps your color last longer and uses nanotechnology to allow beneficial ingredients to disperse thoroughly to damaged ends and leave hair feeling smooth. Enjoy its natural herbal lavender and rosemary scent.

DHC After Bath Hair Treatment Oil helps improve the texture of your hair and adds shine and silkiness. Botanical extracts of olive oil and shea butter coat damaged hair cuticles. It has a light texture and is naturally scented with fragrant flowers, including rose.

You can choose either, or if your hair is especially damaged, you can use After Bath Hair Treatment Emulsion first and finish with After Bath Hair Treatment Oil, paying special attention to frizzy and frazzled ends.


I've taken up daily swimming and have noticed that my hair gets really dry and brittle. Is there something I can use in addition to my regular conditioner?

Many factors, including chlorine exposure, can weaken hair and strip it of much-needed moisture. DHC Hair Treatment is a thick, rich cream that provides intensive concentrated conditioning to follicles—helping to detangle and strengthen—while horsetail soothes your scalp. And for added sheen and shine, try DHC Hair Brushing Foam to further pamper damaged hair and combat unwanted split-ends as virgin olive oil and sea collagen condition.


Is Hair Brushing Foam a styling mousse? How does it work?

Although it looks like styling mousse, it's not. Rather than a sticky mousse, DHC Hair Brushing Foam is a fluffy foam that coats each hair strand with marine collagen and olive oil. These moisture magnets help reclaim beautiful hair by taming frizzies, fly-aways, and split ends without leaving your hair looking flat or greasy. Versatile Hair Brushing Foam can be used on freshly washed, towel-dried hair or as a finishing touch to any hairstyle.


I have very dry and overprocessed hair. What do you suggest?

I can sympathize. I have bleached and colored my hair for years. Heat from regularly using a hair dryer and curling iron adds to the dryness and brittleness. I'm constantly working to keep my split ends at bay. One product that has come to my rescue is DHC Hair Treatment. It's a thick and intensive deep conditioning treatment you can use weekly—even daily if need be—to help strengthen frail strands with olive oil and collagen. Pairing it with DHC Mild Shampoo works to calm hair with soothing botanicals of chamomile and arnica. My own hairstylist was so impressed with the results that she now uses both products regularly on herself and her clients. Hair Treatment and Mild Shampoo help quench parched hair.


I love DHC hair products. Could you explain what Hair Tonic is and how to add it to my hair care routine?

DHC Hair Tonic is a revitalizing scalp rubdown that contains an ingredient called Capsicum frutescens, otherwise known as chili pepper. It is used in some hair and lip products to provide an invigorating sensation. The heat of the pepper causes a pleasing tingling sensation on your scalp. Lactic acid adds to this refreshing feeling and helps exfoliate your scalp by removing dead skin cells and product buildup. Additional botanical ingredients help control excess oil that can coat your scalp and weigh down your hair. Hair Tonic can easily be added to your hair care routine. Simply massage it into your clean scalp and hair; no rinsing necessary. Your hair will look and feel stronger and more manageable.


I've noticed that DHC offers two different lines of hair products. What is the difference and which one is right for me?

DHC Mild Shampoo and Hair Treatment are for dry, damaged hair. A bevy of botanicals work as moisturizers, antioxidants, and protein treatments to repair your hair and stimulate your scalp and coat cuticles to help hair appear thicker. Mild Shampoo's pH-balanced formula gently cleanses and nourishes delicate hair and sensitive scalp to restore stronger, healthier tresses. Keratin-laden Hair Treatment is an intensive conditioner that works to hydrate, soften, and gently detangle hair while promoting resistance to harsh environmental factors. Unlike our skincare products, both Mild Shampoo and Hair Treatment contain a very light fresh fragrance, as requested by our customers. DHC's Hair Care Set, made up of Head Oil, Head Shampoo, Head Conditioner, and Hair Tonic are for those with normal to oily hair. Massaging your scalp with a few drops of Head Oil prior to shampooing can loosen sebum buildup and trapped impurities from follicles. Citric acid in Head Shampoo promotes pH balance, so hair is always left clean yet never stripped of essential moisture. Head Conditioner helps control excess oil secretion and static electricity. Kick up nourishing circulation in your scalp with an invigorating massage using botanical-rich Hair Tonic. Both DHC hair care lines are gentle enough to use daily.