About DHC
About DHC

Core Values

DHC's beauty and business philosophy is tenured on these core values that guide us in every aspect of our service:

  1. Every customer deserves our respect.
    Listening is our No. 1 resource for learning how to serve our customers better. We listen carefully to our customers and evolve our business to accommodate your needs.
  2. Customers deserve exceptional value in products and services.
    DHC products work. Our company will continue to provide effective products at a reasonable cost. Our prices deliver value while still allowing us to grow our business and product lines in a way that helps us meet your evolving needs.
  3. Every employee deserves our respect.
    At DHC, we believe in the “Open door, open mind” policy. We treat each other honorably and expect nothing less than excellence from ourselves. When our employees are happy, they pass the goodwill on to our customers.
  4. Virgin olive oil is one of the most superior substances on earth for good health and great skin.
    Bursting with nutrients, olive oil is one of Mother Nature's finest creations. With its ability to make you look and feel wonderful—not to mention its capacity for making food taste incredible—virgin olive oil is truly a gift from nature that we've woven into the very fabric of our product lines.
  5. Science and nature should work in harmony.
    We embrace nature's botanicals for their nourishing benefits just as we rely on science to help make our products safe and effective. This vision is a part of our Japanese heritage and every one of our products is created with this balance.
  6. True beauty takes commitment.
    Lasting good skin and health require dedication. In skincare, that means committing to a proper step-by-step regimen no less than twice a day. It's a small investment that can provide lifelong benefits—and we'll do everything we can to inspire you along the way.
  7. Three is good, four is better.
    We believe that a good skincare regimen must include three steps, but that the best regimen—one that delivers consistently radiant results—requires four steps. Why stop short of radiant?
  8. Every company should bring something unique to the table.
    You're an individual with your own life, your own needs, and your own style. You don't want more of the same. Neither do we; life's just too short. If a product doesn't offer something different—and, in our opinion, better—then we won't offer it to you.
  9. Knowledge is power.
    We want you to understand how our products work and what they'll do for you as well as how to maximize the benefits of your skincare regimen. Visit www.DHCcare.com for detailed information on every product. You'll also find testimonials and articles. We're readily available to answer any of your questions. If you're still unsure, try us for free! We have samples of almost all of our skincare items.