10 Ways to Use Olive Virgin Oil

Discover 10 ways to use Olive Virgin Oil

Forget the coconut oil craze, it’s (been) all about Olive Virgin Oil. Also known as Fleur de Aceite (flower of the oil), this 100% organic virgin olive oil is collected from handpicked olives before the first cold press. It’s then ultra-purified in Japan where it becomes a noncomedogenic facial oil that’s virtually colorless and scent-free. Plus, its lightweight texture is ideal for all skin types.

Amazing, right? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Take a closer look at how this magical multi-product pulls its weight tenfold.

  1. Lip scrub. Apply to your lips and rub in some sugar for a sweet scrub in seconds.
  2. Rough skin spot treatment. Apply a drop or two on extra dry areas such as your ankles, elbows, knuckles, and even the corners of your mouth for long-lasting moisture.
  3. Frizz and flyaway tamer. Rub a drop between your fingers and smooth down unruly strands.
  4. Dry hair hydrator. Hydrate and soften dry ends by rubbing a few drops between your hands and running your fingers through your hair.
  5. Moisturizer enhancer. Add a drop to your moisturizer for a boost of high-powered hydration.
  6. Cuticle conditioner. Apply some around your cuticles to make hangnails a distant memory.
  7. Mani mess preventer. Keep nail polish from staining your fingers by applying some oil around your cuticles and edges of your nails.
  8. Nighttime lash treatment. Don’t overlook your lashes. Right after applying the oil to your skin, moisturize your lashes with your fingertips in slow, downward strokes.
  9. Dewy glow on the go. Get a natural-looking glow instantly by lightly dabbing some onto your cheekbones. Works on top of makeup, too.
  10. DIY Olive Virgin Oil Swabs. Dispense a few drops into your palm and dip in regular cotton swabs. These substitutes will hold you over until your new stock arrives, but they don’t come close to the real deal.

*Bonus tip from Tia: massage some into baby’s hair after bath time to moisturize.

There you have it: 10 versatile uses of DHC’s first beauty product and signature moisturizer