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using DHC toner

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Toner

We clear up the confusion about one of the most overlooked skincare products by listing the five proven benefits toner has on your skin.

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dhc makeup

8 Beauty Products You Should Never Share

Letting your best friend borrow your lip balm for a chapped lips emergency can actually be harmful for both you and your friend's health. Read our list of eight products you shouldn’t share and why to avoid serious skin problems.

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dhc facial cleansing

Do’s and Don’ts of Facial Cleansing

Become a cleansing pro by studying up on our do's and don'ts of facial cleansing.

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DHC eye care

How To Revive Tired Eyes

With the power of makeup and a great skincare regimen, you can trick people into thinking you had a full night of sleep and fake bright under eyes .

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DHC moisturizers

AM vs. PM Moisturizers Explained

Yes, there is actually a difference in daytime and nighttime moisturizers and knowing which is which can make a huge difference for your skin.

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DHC sheet masks

Sheet Mask Lineup

Need a spa day without having to go to the spa? We give you the lowdown on the benefits of each of our luxurious face masks.

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