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Melt the day away with DHC make-up removers

Melt the Day Away with DHC Make-up Removers

Get unready with us starting with routine step #1: removing your make-up. Learn some tidbits about our make-up removers and which ones are best for your skin type.

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Hello Kitty
What's the story behind Hello Kitty?

She weighs as much as three apples and is as tall as five. You can find her whiskered face on makeup, clothing, cleaning products–even on sparkling wine. But how did Japan’s most popular character come to be? Your Japanese Beauty Experts have the story.

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Origami Origins
Origami: How Folding Paper Became an Art Form

Origami is an arts and crafts classic. We've all done our share of it, from paper airplanes to the ever-popular Japanese crane. But how did this paper-folding art form come to be? Read on and we'll tell you!

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