Candace Boerema , 36

Litchfield, Minnesota
DHC Customer since 2011

"I can see results with DHC products. They leave my skin feeling better and do not cause me to have breakouts or adverse reactions."

I am a high school English teacher, teaching grades 10–12 at a small public school. I am also a volunteer basketball coach, co-advisor to our high school student council and a mom to three children.

The English teacher’s favorite books
This is a difficult question to ask an English teacher. I enjoy Toni Morrison, Kristin Hannah and Francine Rivers. All of these authors are different, and I could easily be reading one book by each at any given time.

Interests & hobbies
During the summer months I love doing yard work or taking care of my flower gardens. I also like to paint and rehab my 120-year-old house when I have time. I also like to run, kayak, bike ride or watch my children’s sporting events. But any time I can spend with my husband is probably my favorite interest or hobby. He is a conductor with the railroad and is often away; when he is home, I will drop everything to try to spend time with him and our children.

Balancing act
The best way to balance work, motherhood and household demands is by not looking too far into the future. I try to live each day in the moment, being grateful for all I have. When I am thankful, I am far less stressed out by life’s demands.

Beauty icons
Jennifer Garner, Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock, as well as my own mother, sisters-in-law and late mother-in-law.

Best skincare advice
Have a skincare routine and stick to it. I do not deviate from my routine if I am traveling or extremely busy. Just like I remember to feed my body and to exercise, I remember to care for my skin each day. I also recommend drinking a lot of water and eating many fresh fruits and vegetables.

On feeling beautiful in your own skin
My husband went through a period of time where he was unemployed, and we were scraping by to live. And in this time, each day I had to learn to choose to be thankful and to find joy. When I look back, I learned how not to allow stress or worry or circumstances to prevent me from feeling beautiful.

More about Candace

Why did you decide to become a high school English teacher?
My dad was a teacher, and I saw the impact he was able to have on his students. When choosing my own career, I knew I wanted to combine two things I love: working with kids and analyzing literature and writing.

What is your all-time favorite beauty look?
When I have had an occasional elegant function to attend and get to look more glamorous than my every day self: wearing a long, strapless dress with makeup colors I would not ordinarily choose.

What’s a favorite meal you enjoy cooking?
Veggie burgers on the grill in the summer or any healthy Mexican recipe I can find. I make a pretty good from-scratch pizza, too!

Favorite DHC products

I have used other primers, but Velvet Skin Coat is the best; I can see a difference when I use it.

At the end of the day, I use Deep Cleansing Oil and follow with a toner.

I love the Ceramide Cream; I can see visible results on my skin despite the fact I live in a cold, harsh climate.