Maria Fratus, 46

Joppatowne, Maryland
DHC Customer since 2006

"Although DHC's products help make women beautiful on the outside, I feel as if their focus is on helping women find their inner beauty."

At 46, Maria Fratus is in the best shape of her life. When she was pregnant with twins—now her two teenage daughters—she left her corporate writing job and devoted her career to fitness. She teaches 12 to 15 classes per week, including kickboxing, step, Pilates and yoga, her favorite. Maria simply glows. Maybe it's all the exercise, but we think it might be DHC, too!

Why yoga?
Yoga is my "soul mate" workout. I could argue that it is the most comprehensive fitness program out there. You will never completely master a pose because there is always the next modification.

Her dream fitness center
More like a studio, my dream fitness center would be one room large enough for 100 dancing bodies and two smaller rooms for private yoga sessions and small group and private Pilates sessions. No cardio equipment, no barbells, no weight machines. I think the best thing anyone can do in life is move, physically and mentally.

Favorite book
Guess How Much I Love You, by Sam McBratney. I read it to my daughters practically every day for the first five years of their lives.

Favorite movie
Serendipity. It's a corny Hollywood creation, but elements of it fascinate me because I do believe that sometimes "greater powers" step into our lives in order to push us in the right direction.

Favorite TV show
That one is easy: So You Think You Can Dance.

You might be surprised that...
When I was a teenager, I dreamed of being a Radio City Music Hall Rockette.

Maria's best skincare advice
Exercise regularly, drink lots of water, eat well, get enough rest and use DHC products!

More about Maria

How has yoga helped you become healthier?
At 46, I am in the best shape of my life—and I was a competitive dancer in my teens and heavily into martial arts in my early 30s. I attribute most of that to yoga. Mentally, it absolutely clears your mind and enables you to focus.

What is your advice to others on staying active throughout their lives?
You cannot maintain an active lifestyle if you do not like the activity, so the first step is to find an activity/exercise that you truly enjoy.

Where do you like to travel?
Jamaica is my favorite because, like all Caribbean destinations, the beaches are like paradise, but also the natives live simple, practical lives—that's the reason they are so happy.

Favorite DHC products

Extra Nighttime Moisture
My skin just soaks it up, and when I wake in the morning, I feel that it is still working.

Deep Cleansing Oil
I am amazed at the dirt and grime I see on my washcloth after wiping it off. I have never used a product that has removed makeup and daily "junk" from my face so thoroughly and easily!

Olive Leaf Milk, CoQ10 Face Milk
All of the DHC moisturizers I have tried are fabulous, but these are my favorites. My skin glows after I apply these products.

Concentrated Eye Cream
My eyes feel instantly refreshed, and over time I have noticed that my dark circles and fine lines are becoming less visible.