Nancy LeRoy, 80

Montclair, New Jersey
DHC Customer since 2013

"Naturally, you want to look your best. What's really hard is finding skin products that live up to their hype. So far with the DHC products I've been using, I can see the improvement of my facial skin."

I started working for a publishing company in San Francisco when I was 21. From there, I taught high school English and speech in Chicago. In Mexico, I worked in community theater and taught English as a second language. In Tokyo, I did more community theater and dubbed monster movies from Japanese to English. Back in the U.S., I worked as an actor and PR person for a local theater. I passed the Foreign Service exam and become a diplomat in Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and Australia. Now, retired, I'm back to acting in film, TV and commercials in New York City.

How to get a job dubbing monster movies
I lived in Tokyo as the wife of a diplomat and had learned about dubbing from a friend in Mexico City. I got an audition and, amazingly, got the job!

The world is her stage
In high school, I discovered the stage—where I could be removed from close-up contact with real people and "become" someone in my own world. I decided in college not to pursue acting as a career then, taking the advice of an English teacher mentor who convinced me that I had other talents that would lead to more economic success. Now, happily, I have the opportunity to pursue acting without needing to make a living at it.

Beauty icons
Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Diane Keaton.

Personal style
Classic, informal and nonfussy. No structured designer clothes or clothes with anyone's name or initials on them.

All-time favorite beauty look
Just to be the best "me," working with what I have, and be happy with that.

On feeling beautiful in your own skin
We live in a society that promotes only the most perfectly beautiful, very youthful women. That's what is so impressive about DHC. All women, no matter their age or beauty "type," can improve and maintain their natural look with the great variety of DHC skincare products.

More about Nancy

As a public school volunteer reader, what types of books do the children enjoy most?
I'm reading to first graders, and I find most success with stories that have some humor to them. There's a story about a pigeon driving a bus they adore. Good illustrations are helpful, too.

Where do you like to travel and why?
I'm happy traveling as little as possible. I love NYC, California and Washington, D.C. My life in the Foreign Service satisfied a need for travel to distant places. Last year, I went to my favorite California haunt, Big Sur; the year before, I visited friends in Buenos Aires.

Do you like to cook? If so, what's a favorite meal or recipe you enjoy making?
I am an improvisational cook. I have a range of cookbooks and online recipes that I mostly use to give me ideas for what I'd like to make. Lately, I'm into fresh, wild-caught fish, shrimp or scallops.

Favorite DHC products

Deep Cleansing Oil
It takes off makeup and grime, but the best thing about it is, when you're done using it, your skin feels marvelous.

CoQ10 Cream & CoQ10 Eye Cream
In the morning, before I eat breakfast or do anything else, I use Q10 Cream. It's a wonderful morning moisturizer and I apply CoQ10 Eye Cream over that.

Extra Nighttime Moisture & Concentrated Eye Cream
I use Extra Nighttime Moisture religiously every night, then I follow with Concentrated Eye Cream.