Victoria Fisher, 51

Avon, Ohio
DHC Customer since 2006

"When I get compliments on my skin, I can honestly and sincerely recommend DHC to others to get the same great results."

Director of curriculum & instruction for Avon Local School District in Avon, Ohio.

Inspiring work
I am honored to serve our teachers and administrators. They have incredibly difficult and complex jobs. It is also a thrill to watch students learning and growing, whether it's kindergartners learning to read or high school musicians making beautiful music.

Interests and hobbies
Along with cooking, travel and exercise, I like to read, write, walk, and listen to music of all kinds. Music is a big part of my life. I sing in my church choir and I can go days without watching TV but not a day without music! I have also recently begun Pilates classes, and I think I have found a great way to get in shape.

Fave photography subject
Someday I would like to write a book using my own artwork and/or photography. Maybe it will revolve around cars. I have a fondness for muscle cars and hot rods.

Best travel destinations
I like the climate and the breathtaking sights of the Southwest, from the Grand Canyon to Taos, New Mexico. Wyoming is wild and unspoiled and the air is so clear. And now that I have been to San Francisco, I have a new fabulous city to come back and visit! I have also visited France, Greece, Italy and Croatia. They are all beautiful countries, but Italy is my favorite.

The best is yet to come
In the sixth grade I was voted "ugliest girl" in our class. I was heartbroken. Girls can be incredibly mean-hearted. Lots of lessons were learned from this including, one, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, two, forgiveness is difficult, but necessary to move forward. Some of us take a long time to become our best. Consider me a late bloomer!

On feeling beautiful in your own skin
Whatever is going on inside your mind, spirit and body will show up on the outside. Wear what makes you happy. Try to eat nutritious foods. Strive to be happy, patient and kind. Be grateful for all things, big and small.

More about Victoria

Any pets?
There are two big cats keeping me company. TJ is a grey and white long-hair with a beautiful face, and Half-Pint is a brown short-hair with distinctive markings and pretty green eyes.

What will you love about being retired?
Throwing the alarm clock away! Seriously, I will enjoy the time to travel within our great country, as well as internationally. I will also enjoy the time to cook more and maintain a better fitness routine.

Who are your beauty icons?
Julia Roberts, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore seem to have an ageless, natural beauty. I recently read an article about Kathy Ireland, who is now 50 years old and still a striking woman. She is also a success in the business world and made the cover of Forbes magazine ... wow!

Favorite DHC products

Olive Hand Cream softens my hands without a greasy feeling. I keep it everywhere, including my kitchen, office and purse.

Deep Cleansing Oil started it all for me with its amazing ability to thoroughly clean off makeup and grime and leave skin feeling soft.

Head Oil prior to shampooing helps rid my scalp of product buildup.

Velvet Skin Coat helps my makeup look smoother.

After Bath Hair Treatment Emulsion softens locks and has a great scent.

BB Cream is my new favorite with its sunscreen and the healthy appearance it gives my skin.

White Wine Garlic Sauce is superb with shrimp over pasta.