Aleksandra Hagen, 28

San Diego, California
DHC Customer since 2011

“I have been able to reduce the appearance of fine lines since I started using DHC.”

I work in the sales and operations group in a semiconductor company. It takes a lot of people to make a successful product launch, and I enjoy being part of this big process.

From Russia by way of love
When I was a student in Russia, I wanted to explore the world. One summer, I visited Las Vegas. I ended up meeting my future husband. When I tell the story of how I met him, everyone gets so excited when they hear it happened in Las Vegas. But I have to say, we met in a pharmacy (out of all the places in Vegas)! He and his friend pretended to work there, and we ended up going to dinner. We kept in touch after that weekend. It was so random, so when I think about what would have happened if I hadn’t stopped in that pharmacy. Anyway, we ended up meeting again the next summer when I came back to the United States and eventually married. We have now been together for six years.

All-time favorite beauty look
The style of the 1920’s. Women looked extremely sophisticated in long waistline, knee-length, loose fitted silk/velvet dresses enriched with beads, pearls. Hats had an important role in women’s appearance: cloche hats decorated with bows or flowers and worn slightly tilted. I think that style was a great combination of practicality and elegance. Love it.

You might be surprised that …
I like to sculpt clay figurines. My hobby started spontaneously. When I was in college, somehow I ended up with a piece of Play-Doh in my hands. I started to play with it and made a little funny-looking girl. Ever since, I have been making cartoon-like small figurines, each about the size of an avocado. They are cute and make people smile.

On feeling beautiful in your own skin
Find time for you. By this I mean to dedicate few minutes every day for your skincare routine. It is important to be consistent.

Best skincare advice
There is an old proverb in Russia: “Take care of your clothes while they are new.” I would add to that: “Cherish your skin from a tender age.” Prevention is the best skin care advice I have.

More about Aleksandra

Interests & hobbies
This winter, I discovered downhill skiing. I liked it from the first try. I think I am ready to trade in my snowboarding equipment for nice pair of mountain skis.

Where do you like to travel?
I like to explore the United States. I am adventurous, so spending my vacation camping and backpacking somewhere relatively far from civilization remains my ultimate vacation. I will save 5-star hotels for later in life.

Why is skincare important to you?
It is in women’s nature to strive to look beautiful. I am no exception.

Favorite DHC products

My favorite product is Olive Virgin Oil. It is a natural product, very effective and inexpensive. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, smooth’s the look of wrinkles and doesn’t clog pores.

Before I go to bed, I use Deep Cleansing Oil to remove makeup.

For night cream, I use Extra Nighttime Moisture.