Alice Hsueh, 35

Sunnyvale, California
DHC Customer since 2006

"To me, the DHC brand and products are honest, true, and keeping their promise to me."

Global marketing director at contact lens manufacturer CooperVision.

Interests & hobbies
I love spending time with my two girls. I also really enjoy going to the theater—my husband and I both love musicals. We used to catch the newest Broadway shows. My favorite musical is Wicked: I love that it tells the story behind a story. Just like our real life, things are never one-sided. Often we shouldn’t take them at their face value.

Beauty icons
Kate Winslet and Emma Watson.

You might be surprised to learn
I had a baby just 80 days before this shoot.

Best skincare advice
Cleansing and hydration are the two most important steps of skincare. Spending time and investing money in the appropriate cleansing products is the foundation of good skincare. Also, without properly hydrated skin, no makeup can look good.

How skincare is like banking
When we consistently take good care of our skin, we deposit “credits” into our “beauty account.” During the busy days and sleep-deprived nights, we can “withdraw” from the account without damaging too much of our skin. If we get lazy and stop those “deposits” for too long, we will quickly use up our “credits” and our skin will show it. Once damage is done, repair will be a lot tougher than prevention—a bit like personal finance.

DHC makes me feel...
Like I am doing something right for my skin, like I am adding “credits” to my “beauty account.”

More about Alice

Do you like to cook?
I do not, but my husband is a great cook. One of my favorite recipes of his is cauliflower leek chowder. It is so delicious and creamy—you’d never guess that it is low carb!

Where do you like to travel and why?
I enjoy international travel. My favorite countries to visit are Japan and Italy (two places with amazing food!). The next country on my list is Spain.

How would you describe your personal style?
For work, I go for chic, sophisticated looks. On weekends, I tend to be a bit more girly in choosing my outfits.

Favorite DHC products

I LOVE LOVE Deep Cleansing Oil. It removes all my makeup while providing a smoothing, relaxing feeling. It doesn’t dry out my skin. I look forward to using it; it feels like I am giving my face a mini massage after a long, busy day.

Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes are my little beauty secret when I travel internationally for work, and during the long flights, I put them on under my sleeping mask. This way, even if I feel like a zombie because of jetlag, I still look refreshed.

The moment I put on Bio Cellulose Mask, I feel like I am in a 5-star spa resort in Hawaii. Twenty minutes later, I will come back down to earth when one (or both) of my children calls for me.