Aubri Sandlin

Aubri Sandlin, 40

DHC Customer since 2007

"Always be true to yourself and take the time to find what is beautiful in others”

Software quality assurance engineer

Interests & hobbies
I enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, hiking—anything outdoors.

What’s your best skincare advice to others?
Wash your face every night and follow with a quality moisturizer and a good night’s sleep.

Who is your beauty inspiration 
My mom. She always has a smile on her face and has taught me how to find beauty and the positives in my surroundings. 

Why is skincare important to you?
It's a great way to improve my overall wellness and put my best self forward.

Why DHC?
When I use DHC, I feel like I’m doing the very best for my skin. I feel great knowing I’m using quality products that are free of additives my skin doesn’t need.

Favorite DHC products

Extra Nighttime Moisture is the perfect texture and leaves my skin soft and hydrated. My skin looks so happy the next day.

Deep Cleansing Oil gets my skin clean and leaves it feeling soft, and ready for my moisturizer.

Velvet Skin Coat really makes a huge difference in the appearance of my skin. I find that I can use less foundation when I use it, which is really nice.