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Want to browse DHC products just for your skin type? Easy! Just select your skin type below and you'll see the full range of products that will pamper it best. Ready? Click on a skin type:

E Suitable for everyone's skin.
Anyone can use the products in this category.
N Suitable for normal / combination skin.
Your skin is normal if it is characterized by a mixture of dry and oily areas by varying degrees, and variable pore size. Your T-zone (your forehead, nose and chin) is usually prone to oiliness, while the cheeks tend to be dry.
D Suitable for dry skin.
Your skin type is dry if your texture is rough and often flaky. There are no shiny areas and the skin looks dull and dehydrated. Pores tend to be smaller because less oil is produced. As dry skin ages, it is more likely than other types to develop wrinkles.
O Suitable for oily skin.
Your skin type is oily if it has a shiny texture and is greasy to the touch. Oily skin results from overactive oil glands. Pores tend to be larger because the excess oil can cause dead skin cells to be come trapped in hair follicles. The dead skin cells may darken with exposure to the air forming blackheads and blemishes.