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Agavni and Nareh   Nareh Sargsyan age 23
Granada Hills, California
Agavni Sargsyan age 47
Granada Hills, California
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Sue Bonanno   Sue Bonanno age 44
Canton, Massachusetts
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Nancy LeRoy   Nancy LeRoy age 80
Montclair, New Jersey
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Victoria Fisher   Victoria Fisher age 51
Avon, Ohio
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Maria Fratus   Maria Fratus age 46
Joppatowne, Maryland
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Kathryn Wills   Kathryn Willis age 54
Grand Prairie, Texas
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Celine Li   Celine Li age 28
New York City, New York
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Donna Gray   Donna Gray age 50
Fuquay Varina, North Carolina
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Debbie Fumagalli   Debbie Fumagalli age 49
Hoffman Estates, Illinois
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April Averitt   April Averitt age 43
Banks, Oregon
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Joyce Kreus   Joyce Kreus age 70
Las Vegas, Nevada
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Sayuri Shinya   Sayuri Shinya age 29
San Francisco, California
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Irene Lindquist   Irene Lindquist age 52
Moose Pass, Alaska
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Sherri Simonsen   Sherri Simonsen age 44
Slingerlands, New York
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Katie Horng   Katie Horng age 30
San Francisco, California
Amy Wesson   Amy Wesson age 35
Happy Valley, Oregon
Bonnie Malmin   Bonnie Malmin age 50
Cumming, Georgia
Sherri Klopfer   Sherri Klopfer age 43
St. Paul, Minnesota
Kristine Lettero   Kristine Lettero age 42
Las Vegas, Nevada
Nichole Day Diggins   Nichole Day Diggins
ages 43
Northfield, Minnesota
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Jennifer Monte   Jennifer Monte age 34
Eugene, Oregon
Stacey Tunteri   Stacey Tunteri age 34
San Francisco, California
Donna Phelan   Donna and Monica Phelan
ages 52 and 18
Carmel, Indiana
Stephanie Oakley   Stephanie Oakley age 41
Selma, California
Corina Kesler   Corina Kesler age 39
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Wana Hong   Wana Hong age 36
Lewisville, Texas
Katy Miiller   Katy Miiller age 56
Bozeman, Montana
Julianne Zimmerman   Julianne Zimmerman age 41 and
Rick Forzese age 46
Winchester, Massachusetts
Mavis B. Thomas   Mavis B. Thomas age 50
Troy, Alabama
Ellie Newcomb   Ellie Newcomb age 53
Valley Center, California
Monica Czyzewski   Monica Czyzewski age 37
Smyrna, Delaware
Cathy Picone   Cathy Picone age 41
Boston, New York
Shelley Perpall   Shelley Perpall age 41
Manhattan Beach, California
Anita Sonfield   Anita Sonfield age 75
Shreveport, Louisiana
Janet Baker   Janet Baker age 47
Hollywood, Florida
Cristina Sciavolino   Cristina Sciavolino age 40
Naples, Florida
Kerry Richardson   Kerry Richardson age 30
Wytheville, Virginia
Barbara Ericson   Barbara Ericson age 64
Pennsville, New Jersey
Brandy Bordeaux   Brandy Bordeaux age 32
Los Angeles, California
10-year Anniversary   DHC's 10-year U.S. anniversary spotlight
Margaret Strong   Margaret Strong age 62
Sandy, Utah
Erica Heilman   Erica Heilman age 30
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lola Wilson   Lola Wilson age 44
Las Vegas, Nevada
Janine Bradford   Janine Bradford, age 47
Dallas, Texas
Dawn Arthur   Dawn Arthur, age 41
Chesterfield, Michigan
Evelyn Reyes   Evelyn Reyes, age 34
Boston, Massachusetts
Lisa Canale   Lisa Canale, age 35
Manchester, Massachusetts
Pamelar Hale   Pamelar Hale, age 44
Acworth, Georgia
Bonnie Green   Bonnie Green, age 34
Lake City, Florida
Lucia Friedericy   Patrick O'Connor and Lucia Friedericy
ages 50 and 47
Pasadena, California
Joanne Pavone   Joanne Pavone, age 50
Nesconset, New York
Alphie Thorn   Alphie Thorn, age 53
New York, New York
Jennifer Penn   Jennifer Penn age 48
Chicago, Illinois
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Niffer& Diane   Jennifer “Niffer” Clarke age 49
West Allis, Wisconsin
Diane Lane age 49
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Aileen Tokuda   Aileen Tokuda age 38
Santa Clara, California
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Victoria Ramirez   Victoria Ramirez age 29
San Francisco, California
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Catherine Slye   Catherine Slye age 46
Phoenix, Arizona
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Ilona McHugh   Ilona McHugh age 33
Oakland, California
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Glenda Chenault   Glenda Chenault age 68
Canyon, Texas
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Laura Autumn Floyd   Laura Autumn Floyd
New York City, New York
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Jen Borman   Jen Borman age 32
Canal Winchester, Ohio
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Caroline Le   Caroline Le age 27
Garden Grove, California
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Sherry Wynne   Sherry Wynne age 48
Dunkirk, Maryland
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Amy Barton Pai   Jade Pilanun age 53
Potomac, Maryland
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Shanté Gordon   Shanté Gordon age 34
New York city, New York
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Amy Barton Pai   Amy Barton Pai age 38
Albany, New York
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Angie Spencer   Angie Spencer age 32
Sikeston, Missouri
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Roxy Anne Mueller   Roxy Anne Mueller age 38
Tacoma, Washington
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Dianne Beville   Dianne Beville age 55
Oak Hill, Virginia
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Patricia Tate   Patricia Tate age 63
Newark, New Jersey
Mary McKeon   Mary McKeon age 44
Charlestown, Pennsylvania
Rebekah Ferguson   Rebekah Ferguson age 28
Fall River, Massachusetts
Lynne Scott   Lynne Scott age 61
Bend, Oregon
Abbey Shanahan   Abbey Shanahan age 23
Milford, Michigan
Laura Hill Sooy   Laura Hill Sooy age 44
Ventnor City, New Jersey
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Masami Handloff   Masami Handloff age 50
Soquel, California
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Karen Lesch   Karen Lesch age 62
Elkhart, Indiana
Leighann Hessler   Leighann Hessler age 39
Palmdale, California
Cindy Taylor   Cindy Taylor age 36
Scott, Mississippi
Tanya Marya Coscia   Tanya Marya Coscia age 41
Huntington Beach, California
Rene Brackney   Rene Brackney age 40
Mesa, Arizona
Rosemary Blake   Rosemary Blake age 47
Angola, New York
LeeAnn Smith   LeeAnn Smith age 28
Los Angeles, California
Cheryl Robinson   Cheryl Robinson age 62
West Covina, California
Kim Gordon   Kim Gordon, age 49
Peoria, Illinois
Sarah Umeda   Sarah Umeda, age 29
Sacramento, California
Deborah Francesconi   Deborah Francesconi, age 54
Berkeley, California
Sarah Julian   Sarah Julian, age 31
Yukon, Oklahoma
Denise Byers   Denise Byers age 49
Spring, Texas
Lauren Kaminski   Lauren Kaminski age 52
Henderson, Nevada
Donna Brockman   Donna Brockman, age 37
Richmond, Kentucky
Cher Gorman   Cher Gorman, age 50
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Jennifer Nirenberg   Jennifer Nirenberg, age 27
Atlanta, Georgia
Donna Preston   Donna Preston, age 53
Los Angeles, California
Joelyn Brickner   Joelyn Brickner, age 40
San Diego, California
Eve Brody   Eve Brody, age 44
Larchmont, New York
Tanya Poynter   Tanya Poynter, age 55
Brookville, Ohio
Anjali Papaiacovou   Anjali Papaiacovou, age 32
Huntington, New York
Dinarae Squatriglia   Dinarae Squatriglia, age 36
Rocky Point, New York
Jackie DeMoor   Jackie DeMoor, age 49
Ojai, California
Kim Madden   Kim Madden, age 34
Greenwood, South Carolina
Donna DiMaggio Berger   Donna DiMaggio Berger, age 37
Plantation, Florida
Cyd Szymanski   Cyd Szymanski, age 46
Englewood, Colorado