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10 year anniversary customers 10 year anniversary customers
10 year anniversary customers 10 year anniversary customers
OCCUPATION: Stay-at-home mom. Even though I used to work for the CIA, I've logged more hours being a new mom than any previous job!

UPDATE: My life changed dramatically—and for the better—after having my daughter. My pregnancy wasn't without some hardships, however. I came down with vestibular neuritis, which causes vertigo. My husband is my hero. Both he and my parents took great care of me during this time.

INTERESTS AND HOBBIES: I'm an avid reader and love to travel. My husband and I hope to visit Europe with my brother-in-law when he returns from Iraq.

PROFESSION I WOULD LIKE TO TRY: I have always wanted to write a novel, and I actually began one last fall!

NEW FAVORITE DHC PRODUCTS: After using Washing Powder, I noticed dramatic results right away. My skin felt extra-soft the whole day. Pure Soap keeps my skin hydrated and smooth, not tight or dry, and helps keep blemishes under control.


10 year anniversary customers
10 year anniversary customers 10 year anniversary customers
10 year anniversary customers 10 year anniversary customers

OCCUPATION: Veterinarian. There is nothing like doing the work you dreamed of as a child.

UPDATE: As a senior medical director, I oversee 87 veterinary hospitals and about 150 doctors. My husband and I also have a new puppy, Jak. Our 19-year-old paraplegic poodle, Beanie, had to teach the pup a few lessons on dog etiquette!

HOBBIES: I run 5 miles daily. It keeps me sane. I also love to read, and I enjoy jazz music, outdoor concerts, and travel.

AFTER APPEARING IN THE CATALOG: I heard from a woman who told me about her granddaughter, India, who wants to be a veterinarian but didn't have a role model—she'd never heard of a black female vet! I talked to India and arranged for her to tour an animal hospital. I receive photos, cards, and updates and hope to one day meet her.

NEW FAVORITE DHC PRODUCTS: I use Q10 Moist Color Base in Yellow. It helps my makeup go on smoother and last longer. I love Protein Gel.

OCCUPATION: Fitness instructor, flight attendant.

UPDATE: I'm having a great time volunteering as a coach for a running program that trains 9- through 12-year-old girls to run a 5K. I love teaching them how strong they are and seeing the pride that comes from discovering what they can do. I also started working part time as a flight attendant for a private charter airline. All four of my kids are great, and my husband is still the most patient man on the planet.

I FEEL PASSIONATE ABOUT: Staying healthy. Losing 130 pounds changed my life. I hope to give something back and inspire people to get healthy and share the gift that I feel I've been given.

NEW FAVORITE DHC PRODUCT: After Bath Hair Treatment Oil—I love it. It's not heavy at all. It gives my hair smoothness and shine and tames the fly-aways and frizz.

MOTTO: Life is short—buy the shoes.

10 year anniversary customers 10 year anniversary customers
10 year anniversary customers 10 year anniversary customers

OCCUPATION: I have a breast cancer awareness website, Pink Ribbon Gifts (

AFTER APPEARING IN THE CATALOG: Many DHC customers and breast cancer survivors shared their stories with me and have become my customers and also my friends. Also after appearing in the catalog, I was contacted to model for a national clothing line. That evolved into a modeling career.

AS A 10-YEAR BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR I want to help those in my community who are affected get the best care. I donate all the money raised from my website and 50 percent of my modeling fees to local breast cancer causes.

FAVORITE DHC PRODUCT: I love the line of Q10 products, but my all-time favorite is still Deep Cleansing Oil.

HOW I STAY HEALTHY: I eat well, exercise often, and see life as a great adventure that I have only just begun.

UPDATE: I started a new job at Shinnyo-en (, a nonprofit organization for youth education and welfare. We¹ve been working on a program called Six Billion Paths to Peace. We believe that peace in the world starts from the smallest and simplest everyday action we can do for others. I also recently bought a house in Sausalito, California, which is where I¹ve always wanted to live.

GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: Having the courage to move here from Japan when I was just out of high school. I could barely speak any English, yet I came here on my own with only a few hundred dollars and one small suitcase.

NEW FAVORITE DHC PRODUCT: Fermented Soy Milk Essence keeps my skin hydrated all night long.

REAL-LIFE HEROES: My grandparents were incredibly kind and compassionate people who always opened
their home to people in need.


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