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Angie Spencer "I discovered that I had a lot more strength physically, mentally and emotionally than I realized. I felt like I had a secret superpower."Angie's DHC skincare regimen. Skin type: normal/oily, acne prone.

Favorite DHC products

The Salicylic Acne Set is the first that I've found effective in preventing and dealing with breakouts. Plus, it doesn't irritate or strip my skin of moisture.

When I massage Deep Cleansing Oil into my face, it signals that the stress of my day is over. I feel an instant calm as it goes to work removing makeup and moisturizing my skin.

Velvet Skin Coat smooths over imperfections and makes my skin glow.

I love to leave Revitalizing Moisture Strips on overnight. I'm always amazed at how hydrated and firm my skin looks in the morning.

Concentrated Eye Cream softens and hydrates my eye area to help keep wrinkles at bay.

READY TO RUN? Download Angie's podcast from
Customer spotlight. Angie Spencer, 32. Sikeston, Missouri. DHC Customer since 2007.
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In addition to raising three boys and working as a part-time registered nurse, Angie Spencer and her husband run a podcast and blog called Marathon Training Academy. They've had more than one million downloads and have encouraged hundreds to complete their first marathon.

Happiest when …
I'm running, preferably on a crisp fall day with a beautiful blue sky.

Change your life, run a marathon
The process of training for a marathon is transformative. It takes physical fitness to follow a four-to-five-month training plan and conquer long runs of up to 20 miles. It also takes incredible mental strength to keep going when every fiber of your being tells you to stop.

Podcast inspiration
When I was training for my first two marathons, I experienced frustration trying to find clear and reliable training information. We started Marathon Training Academy and made our podcasts available for free on iTunes and on our website, and have been amazed at the positive response.

Surprising challenges for first-timers
It's hard to sift through the abundance of information that is available. There are many surprises as you find out how your body handles long-distance running. If you follow the wrong advice, you may get injured and never even get to the starting line.

Family favorites
Our three young boys love to be moving and climbing. We love to ride bikes together and go hiking. We also call ourselves a "book family." It's so much fun to sit down and read together.

Raising active kids
Set a good example. My boys know that I'm going to get my run in. They know that exercise is part of life. Another big factor is limiting screen time (television and video games). I'm a big believer in letting kids use their imaginations and climb trees.

On feeling beautiful in your own skin
Don't compare yourself to anyone else. There is only one you! You have to embrace your strengths, honestly recognize your weaknesses and constantly seek to reach your goals.

Read more about Angie's passions.

What drew you to a career in nursing?
I was always interested in the medical field and even took a college-level Anatomy & Physiology class during high school. The local librarians always looked at me funny when I'd check out various medical texts every week. I was also attracted to the versatility of a nursing career. There are so many different avenues to pursue in this field, and it has great potential to help change lives.

What is the most exciting part of your job?
I love being able to explain a health-related concept to a person and see that "light bulb moment" when they realize they're in charge of their health.

Most exciting place you've ever traveled?
In 1995, I took a short-term mission trip to Papua, New Guinea. My group stayed with a remote tribe for six weeks while we cleared an airstrip out of the jungle.

We understand you love Bollywood films. How did you get into them, and can you recommend any favorites?
After my last son was born, there were many winter nights when I was at home using my Netflix subscription. Watching movies is an easy way to expose one's self to different cultures. I love how vivid and passionate the Indian culture is: the music, colors and emotions are so intense. The fun part about watching a foreign film with subtitles is that by the end of the movie, you feel like you can speak the language. For a lighter Bollywood film, I like "Bride and Prejudice." For a more serious look at the complex relationship between India and Pakistan, the movies "Veer-Zaara" and "Fanaa" are both very good.

Salicylic Acne Set
Salicylic Acne Set
Salicylic Acne Wash 4 fl. oz.
Salicylic Acne Toner 5.4 fl. oz.
Salicylic Face Milk 2 fl. oz.
Acne Spot Therapy 0.52 oz. Net wt.

Deep Cleansing Oil
Deep Cleansing Oil®
Various Sizes
Various Prices
Velvet Skin Coat
Velvet Skin Coat®
0.52 oz. Net wt.
Revitalizing Moisture Strips
Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes
6 applications
Concentrated Eye Cream
Concentrated Eye Cream
0.7 oz. Net wt.
$28.00  reg. $35.00

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