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Skincare info
"DHC products make me feel like they are helping me to keep the effects of aging at bay.."Kathryn's DHC skincare regimen. Skin type: Dry and sensitive

Favorite DHC products

Eye & Lip Makeup Remover is easy on my eyes and completely removes all traces of makeup. My eyes do not feel tight or dry but, rather, hydrated and conditioned.

Silky Cotton pads are a must for removing eye makeup. They are gentle on my eyes and do not leave behind stringy cotton.

I love the way Cleansing Foam foams up and washes away all dirt and makeup. My skin feels clean and refreshed afterward, not stripped and tight.

I’m so glad I discovered the Acerola Essentials Set. My skin looks more vibrant after using Acerola Lotion. I love the light, yet creamy texture of Acerola Cream and that it has brightening properties that go to work while I’m fast asleep.

CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT. Kathryn Willis, 54. Grand Prairie, Texas. DHC Customer since 2006
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It’s not often that the tables get turned on us at a DHC Customer Spotlight shoot—Kathryn put her husband, Daniel, to work snapping shots of the DHC team for her personal blog,, where she writes about everything from her decorating style to vacations.

Eclectic interests
I enjoy reading, jewelry making, writing poetry, regaling my friends with my various adventures on my blog and entertaining friends in my home.

"Engagement Chicken Wings"
I definitely do not like to cook! But if I had a specialty, it would be my Buffalo chicken wings. I made a batch for a party my two daughters hosted several years ago. One of the young men at the party said he loved my wings and would be happy to come back if I continued to cook like that. He’s now my son-in-law, so I guess it worked!

She's got moves
Whenever I watch a dance movie—"Step Up", "You Got Served" and so on—I always feel that I can dance just like the kids in the movie. My girls often have to tell me to stop before I hurt myself!

Roller diva
I used to roller skate regularly. One of my goals is to get back into a regular routine. It’s a great form of exercise!

You might be surprised that …
When I turned 35, I decided to pursue a modeling career. In one commercial, I was cast to play a grandmother. They added gray to my hair and had to draw lines near my eyes because I didn’t have any!

Good skincare: essential
Taking good care of my skin is within my power to achieve. It’s not about being vain or self-absorbed, it’s about appreciating myself and reflecting that both inside and out.

More about Kathryn

Tell us about your family.
My husband, Daniel, and I have been married for 36 years! We credit our longevity to a shared respect for scriptural values and to a good sense of humor. We have two beautiful daughters, Laura (age 25) and Lisa (age 23). Laura is married to a wonderful man, David.

Any advice for others as their children set out on their own?
My advice to anyone facing an empty nest is to "get busy," whether that’s enjoying a hobby, taking classes or just spending more time together. Remember, your children will always need you, either for advice, help or just to share a laugh.

Who are your beauty icons?
I can’t say that I have one in particular. I love the look of any woman, young or old, who takes care of herself. It shows not only in her appearance, but also in her demeanor and how she carries herself. Her beauty is not only external, but internal, as well.

Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
4 fl. oz.
Silky Cotton
Silky Cotton®
80 pads
Cleansing Foam
Cleansing Foam
2.1 oz. Net wt.
Acerola Essentials Set
Acerola Essentials Set
Acerola Lotion: 3.3 fl. oz.
Acerola Gel: 1.4 oz. Net wt.
Acerola Extract: 1 fl. oz.
Acerola Cream: 1.4 oz. Net wt.

Acerola Lotion
Acerola Lotion
3.3 fl. oz.
Acerola Cream
Acerola Cream
1.4 oz. Net wt.

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