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I enjoy day-to-evening transformations: Add a little color and intensity, switch your work tee for a feminine blouse, add some heels, and voilà … you’re ready for evening!Sherry’s. DHC skincare regimen. Skin type: Normal and sensitive, Dry area in the winter

Favorite DHC products

CoQ10 Eye Cream is a rich, sumptuous eye cream, almost seductive in how thick and silky it feels. It is not greasy and is absorbed quickly. Love this stuff!

I call Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes my secret weapon. They smooth and plump the skin around my eyes, easing my laugh lines. I saw a difference the first time I used them. They really do make my eyes look younger.

I love the way Extra Nighttime Moisture makes my skin feel. In the morning, my skin has had time to rest and rejuvenate, absorbing all the goodness from that little jar, so my skin can start the day at the top of its game.

CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT. Sherry Wynne, 48. Dunkirk, Maryland. DHC Customer since 2011
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This former beauty queen—Miss Maryland United Teenager, 1981—runs her family’s towing company and is proud of their “service with a smile.” For date nights with her husband, Joe—her high school sweetheart!— she’s well versed at making a day-to-night style transition. She shares her tips on looking youthful and the surprise discovery that upended her life at 45.

Being a beauty queen is hard work
The year I held that title was a lot of work! My responsibilities included traveling to other state pageants, participating in parades, attending lots of local functions and volunteering. I also had to compete in the national phase of the competition. I didn’t win, but I competed well and had lots of fun. I realized after that pageant that I’d probably never do another one.

Life’s rich pageant
I was never sure if the other girls in the pageant wanted to do it or if their mothers wanted them to. I would tell anyone who asked if their daughter should compete in pageants that they should do it only if she wanted to.

A beauty queen’s best skincare advice
Use sunblock, don’t bake in the sun, use sunblock, wash your face with good products morning and night, use sunblock, eat a healthy diet, and use sunblock. Laughing helps, too. My boys—my husband, Joe, and son, Ryan —make me laugh every single day.

You’d never guess that …
When I was 45 years old, my father told me that I had an older brother who was put up for adoption at birth. I was stunned, but my heart quickly knew that there was a brother somewhere and he was mine.

Long-lost brother
Amazingly, I was able to find my brother, Chris, and contact him within 13 months of beginning my search; we were able to hug shortly thereafter. I’ve actually written a children’s book about the “once upon a time” of Chris’ adoption, how we found him and how he came to discover his roots.

Feeling beautiful in your own skin
Beauty is not a contest. Everyone is a winner, just in different ways. Being gorgeous is great, but it has to be your gorgeous.

Get to know Sherry

What are your favorite foods?
The local summer produce in my area. I live for corn, cucumbers, squash, watermelon and tomatoes. Veggies and fruit, chopped up and eaten, or simply dressed with olive oil, fresh herbs and sea salt—nothing better!

Favorite movie and why?
Anything starring Denzel Washington. Hands down, he’s my all-time favorite actor. He can make you love him or hate him in a most convincing way. But what I really love about him is his genuine nature when he’s not in a movie. If I could meet one movie star, he would be the one.

How do DHC products make you feel?
Like I’m making my best first impression! After all, your face and your skin is the first thing people see.


CoQ10 Eye Cream
CoQ10 Eye Cream
0.88 oz. Net wt.
Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes
Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes
6 applications
Extra Nighttime Moisture
Extra Nighttime Moisture
1.5 oz. Net wt.

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