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ChamomilePower of the flower

Calming chamomile has been utilized since the days of the pharaohs.

In The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Mrs. Rabbit made some chamomile tea for her unruly son, Peter, and gave him "one tablespoon to be taken at bedtime." Still considered a natural remedy for insomnia or digestive distress, chamomile has a long, rich, illustrious history, dating, at the very least, back to ancient Egypt, where it was dedicated to the sun god, Ra. Chamomile's popularity seems to have held its own throughout the centuriesmillions of people continue to enjoy this flowering herb today, most often as a fragrant, delicious tea.

Chamomile has long been used as a beauty aid as well, whether to create sunny blonde highlights or appease sunburned or otherwise stressed skin. Wild chamomile, also known as German chamomile (Chamomilla recutita [matricaria]), found in DHC Eye Make-up Remover,* provides gentle, calming benefitsmaking skin feel soft, soothed, and nurtured. This helpful cleanser is so delicate to the eyes, no rinsing is necessary and no greasy residue remains. It's great for contact lenswearers and for fixing makeup mishaps.

* Also found in DHC Make Off Sheet, DHC After Shave Lotion [Men], DHC Mild Shampoo, DHC White Lotion, and DHC Hair Treatment.

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The fragrant garden
Why not add a little magic to your garden with this lovely herb? Chamomile makes a delightful, aromatic addition. Try planting the Roman variety between stepping-stones or along a garden path (as was often done in centuries past). Not only is it tough enough to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear, when it's lightly trodden upon or brushed against, it leaves a lovely, lingering apple-like fragrance.