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Cheryl Robinson Customer Spotlight: Cheryl Robinson, 62. West Covina, California. DHC Customer since June 2006

Sales/service manager for 3M Unitek Orthodontic Division.

Interests and hobbies
Cooking, aerobics (Tae-Bo), reading and studying the Bible.

Community involvement
I’m involved with the National Council of Negro Women, the NAACP, Top Ladies of Distinction and Acteens. All of these groups have one thing in common: serving others. Each group has a different aspect of service and gives me an opportunity to help out in a variety of ways to really try to make a difference. Being involved in these groups has opened my eyes to the needs in our community and the needs of our senior citizens and teens. A simple smile or touch can mean a lot to someone who feels alone or unloved.

My greatest achievement
My children.

How I stay healthy

By not abusing my body, getting plenty of rest,
eating healthy and exercising.

How I pamper myself
I take a hot bubble bath or get a massage.

Something you’d never guess about me …
I am a prankster. The most outrageous prank I have ever pulled was to wrap everything in my boss’s office in aluminum foil—every CD, book, desk and chair.

How do DHC products make you feel?
DHC products make me feel like I am getting a beauty treatment every day.

Cheryl’s DHC skincare regimen
Skin type: oily

Skincare routine
MORNING: I wash with Olive Soap, tone with Q10 Lotion and moisturize with Q10 Milk and Q10 Cream.

EVENING: I remove makeup with Deep Cleaning Oil, wash with Olive Soap, tone with Q10 Lotion followed by Q10
Milk and Extra Nighttime Moisture.

What makes DHC different

Olive Soap
Olive Soap
Various Sizes
Various Prices
Q10 Lotion

Sorry, 639 is currently unavailable.

Q10 Milk

Sorry, 640 is currently unavailable.

Q10 Cream
Q10 Cream
Various Sizes
Various Prices
Deep Cleansing Oil
Deep Cleansing Oil®
Various Sizes
Various Prices
Extra Nighttime Moisture
Extra Nighttime Moisture
1.5 oz. Net wt.

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