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Karen Lesch Customer spotlight. Karen Lesch, 62. Elkhart, Indiana. DHC customer since 2007.
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Retired OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner

Interests and hobbies
I love to travel. In the 23 years that my husband and I have been married, we have taken 147 trips, with 14 more planned in the next two years. Since I have retired, I have had time to explore quilting, knitting and sewing. I also love to read, and I'm a good cook, too.

What I consider my greatest achievement
I was blessed to be able to provide healthcare to women for many years. My greatest personal achievement is that I have kept off the 90 pounds that I lost five years ago.

How I stay healthy
I eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. When I travel, I love to walk, even through airports—but especially on tropical beaches.

What inspires me
My friends—Judy, Maureen, Mary and Jane—are the best! They are all strong, confident women with diverse interests and talents.

Favorite place in the world
Venice, Italy. I can stroll for hours and hours there. The peace and quiet of a city without cars is so soothing. The history and beauty nourish my soul.

What I am most grateful for
My wonderful husband, Gary, has the greatest can-do attitude. His optimism is contagious and has changed my outlook on life.

Perfect Saturday afternoon
I love to work in my perennial flower garden on a warm and sunny day.

Hidden talent
I can learn to do just about anything by reading the instructions. For instance, I taught myself to crochet from a book.

Artist that I admire
I recently read a biography of the great American artist Georgia O'Keeffe, after touring her home in New Mexico. She lived to be 98 and continued to paint until the last few weeks of her life. She is an example of how to live freely and fully all the years of your life.

One item I can't leave home without
With my trusty GPS, I can find anyplace and go anywhere.

Karen's DHC skincare regimen. Skin type: dry

Basic skincare routine
I remove my makeup with Deep Cleansing Oil and tone with Soothing Lotion—it helps keep red bumps in my T-zone away and never makes my skin feel dry and tight. Rich Moisture sinks into my skin and feels great. I cannot go without Extra Nighttime Moisture. It has made my skin feel years younger from the very first time I used it. It makes it possible for me to look at myself in the mirror every morning!

Additional favorites
Olive Virgin Oil restores that dewy look of younger skin. Also, for travel Body Cleansing Sheets are great at the end of a long flight for a quick refresher—it's like a shower in a sheet.

Multi Grain Rice is just the best-tasting, healthiest thing around. I give bags of it as gifts to all my foodie friends.

What makes DHC different
The samples sold me. I like that I can try products before I buy them and see how my sensitive skin reacts to something new. I also share samples with my friends. Because you also sell food products, I know that DHC is a company that believes that beauty begins with good nutrition.

How DHC products make me feel
I feel confident in myself that I will look my best because I trust the purity and quality of DHC products. When my skin feels good, I know that it looks good too. As a long-term women's healthcare provider, I have seen the damage that neglect of the skin or the wrong skincare products can do.

Deep Cleansing Oil
Deep Cleansing Oil®
Various Sizes
Various Prices
Soothing Lotion
Soothing Lotion
6 fl. oz.
Rich Moisture
Rich Moisture
3.3 fl. oz.
Extra Nighttime Moisture
Extra Nighttime Moisture
1.5 oz. Net wt.
Olive Virgin Oil
Olive Virgin Oil
Various Sizes
Various Prices
Body Cleansing Sheets
Body Cleansing Sheets
20 Sheets
Multi Grain Rice

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