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Nadeen Tuzo Customer Spotlight: Nadeen Tuzo, 39 New Windsor, New York DHC Customer since 2008

Property manager of a senior community in Cornwall, New York. I am surrounded by amazing people with interesting stories to tell, and they make my work enjoyable.

Interests and hobbies
I love entertaining and bringing people together. Event planning is one of my favorite things to do and fortunately for me in my field, I am able to combine work and play! This makes my job especially fun. Fund raising events for social awareness is another area of interest.

I'm inspired by
My beautiful daughters, ages 9 and 19, motivate me to lead a positive, healthy lifestyle that I can share with them.

How I stay healthy
I eat foods rich in antioxidants and lean meats. Wine also makes everything taste better. A well-balanced diet helps make me feel energetic and healthy.

Idea of perfect happiness
Perfect happiness for me would be to live in a world free of disease. It has been a mission of mine to help spread awareness through fund raising efforts.

Favorite place in the world
Puerto Rico, where my parents were born. San Juan in particular is a cultural oasis full of character—rich in music, history, delicious food, nightlife, fine arts and beautiful beaches. Even though I’m a city girl at heart—born on the island of Manhattan—nothing compares to the Caribbean!

Favorite family activity
Watching reruns of I Love Lucy and laughing at scenes we’ve seen hundreds of times.

The one item I can't leave the house without
My notebook.

Where I see myself in 10 years
As I approach 50, I see myself traveling the world and continuing to enjoy my life as fully as I do today!

Nadeen's DHC skincare regimen. Skin type: normal/combination

Skincare routine
I have combination skin, and I am prone to
blemishes, so I use Acne Spot Therapy. I also wear makeup daily and cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize regularly to keep my skin feeling clean and smooth.

How DHC products make me feel
Young. When I came upon DHC products, I felt that
my skin was naturally invigorated.

Favorite DHC products and why
I love the Q10 Travel Set and carry it in my purse. My
favorite DHC product is
Velvet Skin Coat. It makes my skin feel silky soft, and my makeup goes on flawlessly.

What makes DHC different
DHC is different from so many beauty products because of its simple concept of basing its line on one of nature’s best moisturizers—olive oil. It makes a remarkable difference knowing that your skin is naturally enhanced by DHC products.

Acne Spot Therapy
Acne Spot Therapy
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Q10 Travel Set

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Velvet Skin Coat
Velvet Skin Coat®
0.52 oz. Net wt.

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