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Stop seeing red

It's not just torture for teenagers: Pesky flare-ups can happen to anyone, and they're far more common among adults than you might think. If you have stressed-out skin that's disturbing your peace of mind, try this four-step routine to help you stop seeing red. These products are here to bring some composure to misbehaving skin and start you on the road to radiance.

Stop seeing red
Deep Cleansing Oil 1. Remove makeup and impurities
Clogged pores got you down? DHC Deep Cleansing Oil helps remove pore-clogging impurities so that your skin can experience some much-needed tranquility. Formulated with olive oil, rosemary, and licorice, this cleanser gently helps unclog overactive complexions.
Deep Cleansing Oil®
Various Sizes
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Pure Soap 2. Cleanse completely
You'll often find that soaps targeted for problem skin result in further damage by causing your complexion to become extremely dehydrated. You can avoid that pitfall by using DHC Pure Soap; it cleanses thoroughly, yet moisturizes with olive oil and calms with soothing aloe.
Pure Soap
2.8 oz. Net wt.
Balancing Lotion 3. Tighten pores
Toning your skin primes your complexion with beneficial ingredients. DHC Balancing Lotion contains glycolic acid to promote healthy surface skin cell turnover and horsetail plant extract to help fortify your skin. It's a great balancing toner for oily and combination skin types.
Balancing Lotion
6 fl. oz.
4. Nurture your complexion
Don't strip your skin of necessary moisture. Dehydrated skin can worsen an aggravated complexion by creating excess sebum to compensate. Treat yourself to DHC Emollient Balm. This lightweight hydrator features age-fighting olive oil, collagen, and royal jelly, for skin that feels soothed and smoothed.
Emollient Balm
3.3 fl. oz.