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Seeing spots? It often starts with just a couple of unassuming ashy or brown patches—a result of UV rays and age. A few years and many UV rays later, it may seem as if those sneaky discolorations have taken over, casting dark splotches across your face and obscuring your radiance.

Never fear, Alpha-Arbutin White Cream is here to help you usher out a mottled complexion, clear away the shadows, and welcome back luminosity.

Sunscreen is the best way to prevent unattractive dark spots. However, if they have already staked a claim on your skin, there are a host of remedies available, but they often come with baggage. Many of the more effective skin-lightening products are severely harsh and irritating, and can even cause rebound discoloration. If flaking, irritated skin doesn't seem like a fair trade for temporarily even skin tone, DHC's Alpha-Arbutin White Series is the breakthrough for you. Developed in Japan, this group of products uses alpha-arbutin, among the most stable, effective, yet gentle brighteners available.

For overnight intensive treatment or the regular care of especially dry complexions, DHC offers Alpha-Arbutin White Cream. This luxurious cream's richer consistency alleviates dryness and helps restore radiance. Together, olive oil, vitamin A, amino acids, and alpha-arbutin fight not only uneven skin tone but other signs of age as well. Apply nightly to help diminish fine lines, dullness, and poor texture and wake up to a brighter, softer, younger-looking complexion day after day.

Alpha Arbutin White Cream

Alpha Arbutin White Cream

Alpha-Arbutin White Cream
1.2 oz. Net wt.