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Mega moisture for men

What makes a moisturizer a man's moisturizer? Is it the packaging? Is it the scent? Not a chance.

You may come across a lot of products oozing of musk and menthol and claiming to capture the essence of Super Bowl Sunday, and they may tell you that they're made especially for a man's complexion. But don't be fooled. An honest guy will tell you that added fragrances can aggravate skin—especially if that skin has seen one too many razors. What's most important? How well a product works.

Enter new DHC Men's Face Cream. It gives you a surge of moisture so complete, your skin stays hydrated all day—but it won't leave your face feeling greasy. It's loaded with botanicals, including olive oil, squalane, and aloe for cool conditioning. Just a thin layer is all it takes to protect your skin against the elements and to soothe and smooth the rough spots—because we know how sensitive you really are deep down.

Face Cream [Men]

Face Cream [Men]
1.2 oz. Net wt.

An exfoliant is critical in removing your skin's buildup of dead cells, which can slow down its turnover cycle and leave your complexion as hazy and rough as the wintry skies. DHC Facial Scrub refines and restores, unveiling the radiant skin trapped beneath the dull surface. It uses finely milled apricot seed granules, rounded for gentler buffing, and allantoin for post-scrub smoothing and soothing.

Best of all, Men's Face Cream is fragrance-free. Color-free, too. For all you men who prefer soft skin without the sting. But if you're one of those who still want manhood in a bottle, look for Men's Face Cream in the macho blue jar.

Know a guy who needs serious skincare, but doesn't know where to start?

Get him our complete line of Men's Skincare products, which includes: Pure Soap [Men], AP Scrub, After Shave Lotion, Soft Lotion, and new Face Cream. Makes a perfect holiday gift!

Face Cream [Men]

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Skincare tips for men

Fall and winter are a great time to repair summer damage and prepare for the long, cold months ahead. And also a good time to seriously reconsider your maintenance programespecially if you are dedicated to a grooming regimen that may not be suited to the changing weather conditions:

1. Begin with a moisturizer like our Face Cream. If your skin has become dry, rough, and flaky, a good moisturizer will supply continuous hydration and an additional layer of protection against the brutal elements.

2. Shower with a glycerin-based soap like DHC Pure Soap [Men]. Mass-market deodorant soaps can strip your skin of its protective oils, which causes dryness and flaking.

3. This time of year dries out even the oiliest of hair, so use the right conditioner. DHC Head Conditioner restores hair that has become dull and dehydrated.