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Washing Powder

Dull complexion dimming your spirits? Without pride or prejudice, skin dullness can affect any skin type—dry, oily, or normal. If your skin could use some polish, there's something we think you should know about: papain.

Maybe you’ve never heard of papain (pronounced puh-PAY-in), but you know its tropical food source, papaya. Culled from young papayas for maximum potency, papain is known for its famed ability to, when eaten, help with stomach ailments, aid in digestion, fight free radicals, and even boost immune function. Some studies have even found that, applied topically, it helps with dark spots and freckles, as well as eczema.

Papain is an enzyme, a substance that speeds up chemical reactions in living organisms. Without the enzymes that naturally exist in our bodies, some of our most important biological functions, including skin cell turnover, would become dangerously slow or cease completely.

Topically applied papain has been shown to help rejuvenate skin by removing dull, dead cells from the surface without harming fresh, newly uncovered cells. This helps skin to glow radiantly the way it should.

You’ll find papain in DHC Washing Powder, our unique powder cleanser that mixes with water to create a delicate, skin-lavishing foam. Formulated with just enough papain for light and gentle exfoliation, along with other beneficial botanicals such as wheat, soy, and aloe, Washing Powder rids your skin of surface grime, excess oil, and other impurities, resulting in softer, smoother, brighter skin. Use it twice daily to get back your glow.


Washing Powder
1.7 oz. Net wt.