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Best foot forward

No matter what your fitness level, regular exercise stimulates your metabolism, which can help you stay in shape. Some may argue that they don’t have the time to work out, but simple, common sense changes can help to burn a few extra calories here and there. For example, a 150-pound person who skips an elevator ride in favor of a five-minute walk up stairs will burn approximately 45 calories for his or her effort. Making this a twice-daily habit adds up to 450 extra calories burned in the course of an average work week.

Simple steps
Another easy tip is to park your car at the farthest distance from the entrance to your destination. In addition to enjoying some fresh air, you’ll also spare yourself the aggravation of hunting for that elusive “perfect” parking space. Finally—get some sleep! You need at least eight hours of slumber per night to give your body adequate time to recover from its daily exertions, which can increase your energy for even more calorie-burning potential the following day.

Put your feet up
And don’t forget to reward yourself. Refreshing DHC Tourmaline Pack helps to invigorate and hydrate your complexion with a unique blend of clarifying minerals and skin-loving botanicals, leaving you with a feeling of spa-fresh radiance. Pamper your skin as you unwind—you’ve earned it!

Consult a physician before beginning an exercise program.

Remember that your favorite heels are intended for shorter walking distances, so it’s imperative that you wear athletic shoes that fit properly, and support the contours of your feet while exercising. We recommend keeping a pair of gym shoes in your office or the trunk of your car for convenient quick changes.


Tourmaline Pack
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